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Dan Haseltine and Questions about Liberation

By Goose News
Photo by Wesley Duffee-Braun

Photo by Wesley Duffee-Braun

“We dream of a movement where everyone is welcome to participate.” – The Wild Goose Invitation

One of the most important ways we can grow in faith is to ask questions. At the Wild Goose, we are working to build a space where questions are welcome, where experience is valued, where scripture is deeply engaged, and where the Holy Spirit is invited to speak. We don’t think the conversation should stop at the edge of the festival grounds or at the doorstep of a church, and we are thrilled that Dan Haseltine, the lead singer of Jars of Clay, has had the courage to raise difficult questions about the intersection of scripture and society in an honest search for greater understanding.


We’re going to be imperfect in how we ask questions. That Dan began a discussion on Twitter meant some things might have come out less than perfectly, but by asking his questions there, Dan invited a broad community to join with him in this exploration. We are excited to join with Dan to shine light into areas where we had previously been blind, including areas where we have used scripture to justify oppression and where we have used self-righteousness to discount devotion.

Sure, we should ask questions one-on-one, but we should also ask questions in the public sphere. In “Areopagitica,” his defense of intellectual freedom, poet John Milton wrote, “I cannot celebrate a cloistered virtue.” If our beliefs are so fragile that they have to be shielded from the world, maybe it’s time we found something more sustainable. We’ll continue to seek those rugged truths on Twitter and on a festival stage, in coffee shops and in riverside conversations. We’re proud to see Dan Haseltine sharing his questions too.