Wild Goose Festival | July 14-17, 2022| Hot Springs, NC


Wild Goose Festival is a transformational community grounded in faith-inspired social justice… [more]


The Hot Springs Resort and Spa has informed us that they will no longer host overnight events or festivals. We know this will be true for 2023 and it’s more than likely this also applies to 2022 but we don’t have final confirmation on that at this time. We’re searching for a new site. Watch this space, and subscribe to the email newsletter (below) for updates.

We’ll try to keep the same date, but if a date change or new location makes it impossible for you to attend, you will have the option to either receive a full ticket refund or convert your ticket purchase into a donation.

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What is Wild Goose Festival?

Wherever we come together –  a nationwide festival, a regional event, a small local gathering, or social spaces online, we learn and grow together, by co-creating art, music, story, theater, and spectacle, and by engaging in robust and respectful conversation with each other and with thought leaders and artists [Read More]

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