This information is meant to answer most of your questions regarding access.

If you have additional questions, or would like additional information, please email Carrie Craig at

Site Description
The Wild Goose festival is held at VanHoy Farms and Campground. It is a large, open space with RV sites and primitive camping. There are roads to access parts of the festival activities and campsites, with other spaces being grassy areas. There are some hills and an arena with a very steep entrance on one side. Alternate routes are available and volunteers will be available if any assistance is needed.

A Shuttle will be available during the Festival. This Shuttle runs continually, looping around the Festival Site Only (which includes the parking area) from 8 am – midnight. It is free for anyone needing mobility assistance.

Campsites can be accessed in multiple areas throughout the campground. There are sites nearer the bathhouse and available on a first come, first served basis. Guests can be directed to these sites once they arrive at the gate.

Accessible Bathrooms and Shower/Bathhouses
There will be accessible bathrooms/comfort stations near the main gathering areas. They will also be in key areas throughout the festival grounds. Accessible showers are located in the bathhouse near the accessible camping area.

Community Commons/Recharging Station
There will be a few power outlets, which can be used for recharging wheelchairs and scooters. We ask that guests understand they use this power at their own risk. Wild Goose cannot take responsibility for any personal equipment. Please refer to the festival map for the location of this area when you arrive.

Medical Device Power
Camping is primitive and we are unable to provide electricity throughout the entire campground. There is a designated accessibility camping area with some power available. Guests who need electrical power to operate medical devices overnight will want to make arrangements for off-site housing. Wild Goose has access to some off-site housing. Please contact Carrie Craig at for more information.

Sign Language Interpreters
Sign language interpreters are available at the festival. Please contact Carrie Craig at to request interpreting services. If you are a qualified sign language interpreter and would like to contribute your talent to the sign language interpreting team, please contact Joanna Ciccarello at