Convo Hall – It’s designed to promote intimate programming spaces where people gather around a topic.


Convo Hall

Convo Hall is a 3-tent compound on the “plateau” where a number of small group conversations take place simultaneously. In 2018 when we debuted this concept, it was set with nine, five-foot round tables. In 2019 we increased that to twelve tables. For 2021, we’re spreading out a little into three adjacent tents.

Each convo is limited to ten people (including facilitator), is 50 minutes in length, and is usually scheduled in two separate time slots – one on Friday and one on Saturday – so everyone gets two opportunities to present. Repeating allows larger impact and makes it possible for word of mouth to create a buzz about the upcoming repeat presentations.

We’re excited about how this can bring people together in small groups with genuine interaction and conversation around specific topics – and how it serves as a way to get to know others in the community.