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What We're Reading

Learning from the Germans: Race and the Memory of Evil, by Susan Neiman

This suggestion is from Steven Kurtz, who said, “Neiman is a white Jewish woman who grew up in the American South but who spent most of her adult life in Berlin. She compares and contrasts the way the Germans and the Americans, especially in the South dealt with (or failed) to deal with their past histories of racism. Beautifully written and deeply researched.” There is a video of Neiman speaking about this book as part of a workshop, available to watch on YouTube.

After Jesus Before Christianity, by Erin Vearncombe, Brandon Scott, and Hal Taussig for the Westar Christianity Seminar

“An excellent book exploring Jesus people movements in the first 200 years after Jesus. It offers some encouraging, provocative, and enlivening insights in to the ways these communities cared for one another and resisted the Roman Empire.” Joe Michael offered these thoughts and this suggestion.

Keeping the Goose

Irreverant Media

This week, we’re once again revisiting a Living Room session from 2021. We are fortunate to have some of our past sessions recorded and available to view on our homepage and on YouTube.

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