Jim, Liz, Sara, JKwest, & Pete

By May 13, 2022 Rollouts

The Wild Goose Festival Lineup Continues

Jim Wallis, bestselling author, public theologian, founder and ambassador of Sojourners, Chair and leader of the Center on Faith and Justice at Georgetown University brings his ever-timely, provocative insight to Wild Goose.

Liz Dyer is high on the list of people having everyday impact on thousands of lives. Go to https://www.realmamabears.org/ and get a glimpse of the work of Mama Bears and gather at Wild Goose to learn more and do more – there will be a Mama Bears RV gathering site.

Sara Cunningham says, “if I don’t fight for my son like my hair is on fire, then who will?” – and she won’t stop. Watch for the Jamie Lee Curtis movie based Sara’s book, How We Sleep at Night, check out https://freemomhugs.org/, and join Sara at Wild Goose.

JKwestaka Julian Deshazier, is an Emmy Award-winning musician calling people into action AND connecting people in community. He’s a pastor, educator, community-leader, writer, and, may we add, a Wild Goose Festival board member and the Center for American Progress and Crain’s Chicago Business have recognized his visionary leadership.

Pete Enns shapes – even defines – the conversation around faith like very few people in the worldIn some circles, the conversation quickly moves to which Pete Enns book is most impactful – what’s your favorite? It’s a long and growing list.

Watch for more announcements soon!

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