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Yoga in The Grove at Wild Goose 2022

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Unveiling Yoga in The Grove for 2022!

We’ve expanded the yoga offerings this year and have a dedicated yoga tent in The Grove, Wild Goose’s new wellness & embodiment area.

Wild Goose Yoga Coordinator Marlene Pomeroy is returning for her second year of teaching yoga and has curated a schedule of sessions to complement the vast offerings that are Wild Goose.

Our teachers will offer eleven sessions spread over three days between 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. starting on Friday morning with an energetic Slow flow morning yoga and ending with a final Flow Yoga class Sunday at 8:00 a.m. In between you can select: noonday centering prayer, Tai Chi and Qigong practices, as well as a restorative yoga Nidra practice.

See the schedule for the names of our yoga/prayer/movement practitioners in the Grove and come join us as we move, breathe and find our stillness together!!

Check out the bios and sessions descriptions of these talented leaders:

Deborah Adams, Jim Canup, Dave Harold, Viony Medlin, Caitlyn Osborn, Therese Taylor-Stinson, and Marlene Pomeroy.


Doug, Steven, Emily, Matthew, and Randi

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The Wild Goose Festival Lineup Continues!

Doug Pagitt is not just on the electoral front-line, he’s defining the electoral front-line of faith voters. Perhaps no one is impacting elections like Vote Common Good under Doug’s leadership. As a long-time pastor, social activist, and author, Doug is putting his history and his hopes to work for us all.

Steven Harris brings his Capitol Hill experience building coalitions to the intersection of religion, justice, and human dignity as the Senior Director of Academic Programs at the Center on Faith and Justice at Georgetown University.

Emily Musolino is a shredder, and that has noting to do with cutting documents into tiny pieces. Emily is a guitar shredder – and a really good songwriter, and a really good singer, and a really good bandleader, and a really big Wild Goose favorite.

Matthew Paul Turner, best-selling author, reminds us (and OUR children), I’m strong and I’m brave; I’m a one-kid parade; I’m gonna be who I am ‘cause I’m wonderfully made. Get to know Matthew Paul Turner at Wild Goose – do yourself a favor, read his books to your children – and to yourself, also.

Randi Driscoll, as a singer/songwriter and actor, has shared the stage with a Who’s Who of artists and performers and her music is featured in film, television, and a commercial. She has performed around the world, including at the Lincoln Center and the Ford Theater, and “What Matters” was named one the top Pride Anthems by Advocate Magazine.

And don’t forget! FIVE all-day Pre-Festival events on Thursday July 14

Justice Camp – Led by Jim Wallis along with Steven Harris

Wisdom Camp – With Rainier Wylde, Kristi Born, Aline Defiglia, Heiwi no Bushi, Jennifer Helminski, Micky ScottBey Jones, Viony Medlin, and Mike Morrell

Reconstruction Theology – With Pete Enns and Jared Byas

New Writers Workshop Led by Brian Allain

Lead NOW! – With Joy Wallis and Wayne Meisel

SkyBlew, Bobby Jo, Rabbi Brian, World in Lights, Ashes and Arrows

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The Wild Goose Festival Lineup Continues!

SkyBlew says “I don’t rap, I paint the sky . . . blew” – and experiencing him on stage says it’s true. From a background that included homelessness, his lyrical ability began to surface during poetry class and freestyle lunchtime sessions, and it’s propelled him to major stage experiences. An interesting note – some say he’s more popular in South Korea than in the US.

Bobby Jo Valentine shares his earthbound yet mystical songs through a storyteller’s voice. Emerging painfully from his northern California conservative roots, he has become a fan-favorite, award-winning songwriter.

Rabbi Brian, with wicked honesty, brings a different way of thinking about religion through the popular, Religion Outside the Box to Wild Goose.

World in Lights, known also in Wild Goose terms as Joel Herbert and Dani Roca, is a powerful pair – a couple, actually – bringing spiritual yearning, relational drama, and audacious hope to their engaging music.

Ashes & Arrows, with strong vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and on-stage charisma, brings an authentically original and genuinely unique shape to their Wild Goose experience.

And don’t forget! FIVE all-day Pre-Festival events on Thursday July 14

Justice Camp – Led by Jim Wallis along with Steven Harris

Wisdom Camp – With Rainier Wylde, Kristi Born, Aline Defiglia, Heiwi no Bushi, Jennifer Helminski, Micky ScottBey Jones, Viony Medlin, and Mike Morrell

Reconstruction Theology – With Pete Enns and Jared Byas

New Writers Workshop Led by Brian Allain

Lead NOW! – With Joy Wallis and Wayne Meisel

Liz, Melva, Josh, Neal, and EleventySeven!

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Liz Theoharis, Co-Chair (with Rev. Dr. William Barber) of the Poor People’s Campaign, Director of the Kairos Center for Religions, Rights, and Social Justice is a Freedom Award recipient and has been named one of 11 Women Shaping the Church. Politico 50 lists her among “thinkers, doers, and visionaries whose ideas are driving politics.”

Josh Scott is a re-framer, a reclaimer, a re-imagining leader – an innovative, prophetic communicator from the progressive pioneering GracePointe Church.

Melva Sampson, rising from her work as curator of Pink Robe Chronicles and Raising Womanish Girls, this prolific Professor of Preaching and Practical Theology is certain to become an instant Wild Goose favorite.

Neal Stephens is a soul/RnB artist who likes to think of himself as a double soul singer – singing from “his soul to the soul.” Neal’s passionate rich baritone voice will reach out and touch his listeners at Wild Goose.

EleventySeven is high energy and with an insistently danceable vibe. From a rich history that includes multiple albums, EPs, and singles, including recording with Sony Japan, they will light up Wild Goose main stage.

The Grove 2023

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The Grove at Wild Goose Festival 2023!

Mindfulness. Connection. An intentional space for mind, body, soul, and spirit. A space for rejuvenation, conversation, and compassion. The Grove.

The Grove is home to Healing Arts, Relating Arts, and Yoga. Whether you come for an Experience at one of these venues, or to join an impromptu discussion, there’s something at The Grove for all.

Healing Arts was established by Pastor/Shaman Nar as a sacred space for talented healers to share their gifts. This nurturing environment is designed to care for your body, soul, and spirit, inviting you to experience healing and renewal within a compassionate and supportive setting that embraces your inherent goodness, worth, and belovedness, without reservation.

Relating Arts is described as a “we” space for intention, attention, and connection. It’s a curated venue to practice connection that’s both deep and joyful. Facilitators concentrate on relational vibrancy, making space for interactive experiences within each workshop to practice in real time.

Join us at the Yoga tent for practices meant to bring mind, body, and spirit into balance. Move the body. Still the mind. Connect with breath. Honor the light within you, see the light within others. Anyone is welcome to enjoy peace, relaxation, and mindfulness at the Yoga tent.

The venue tents aren’t the only reason to come to The Grove. This year, there will also be vendors nearby that will complement the overall vibe of this space. Even if you don’t stop by to catch an Experience at The Grove, it will be a welcoming space for anyone to visit.

Hal Taussig and Natalie Perkins at Wild Goose Festival

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Hal Taussig and Natalie Perkins will be at Wild Goose Festival 2023!

We’re happy to announce that Hal Taussig and Natalie Perkins will be joining us at Wild Goose!

Hal Taussig, a renowned scholar and theologian, has dedicated his life to unraveling the mysteries of ancient texts and reimagining Christianity for the modern world.

His insightful teachings and passionate advocacy for social justice have made him a beacon of hope for those seeking a progressive and inclusive spiritual path.

Hal’s Bio

Natalie Perkins, a gifted speaker and social entrepreneur, is at the forefront of a new wave of visionary leadership.

With her captivating storytelling and infectious enthusiasm, Natalie weaves together narratives of hope, resilience, and collective action. She will inspire you to embrace your unique gifts, challenge systemic barriers, and work towards a more just and compassionate world.

Natalie’s Bio

Whether you’re a seasoned scholar, a curious seeker, or an advocate for change, Hal and Natalie’s wisdom and charisma will leave an incredible mark on your heart and mind.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the powerful synergy of Hal Taussig and Natalie Perkins at Wild Goose Festival.

We hope to see you there!

Spencer LaJoye and Ashes & Arrows at Wild Goose Festival

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Spencer LaJoye and Ashes & Arrows will be at Wild Goose Festival 2023!

We’re so excited to announce that Spencer LaJoye and Ashes & Arrows will be at Wild Goose Festival this year!

Spencer LaJoye is a visionary singer songwriter, violinist, vocal loop artist, and passionate advocate for social change.

They have an amazing ability to connect with the audience in a remarkable way. From heartfelt ballads to upbeat anthems, their dynamic repertoire will touch your heart, ignite your spirit, and leave you craving more.

Spencer’s Bio

Ashes & Arrows, the sensational and captivating band, will be returning to Wild Goose Festival with soul-stirring melodies and powerful lyrics.

They’ve carved a unique niche in the music industry with their seamless fusion of alternative rock, folk and indie vibes. Their performances create and electrifying atmosphere that resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Ashes & Arrows Bio

Their music transcends boundaries, fostering connections and spreading a unifying message of love, compassion, and social justice.

Catch both of these amazing musical talents at Wild Goose Festival and join us for these unforgettable experiences.

We’ll see you there!

Doug Pagitt at Wild Goose Festival

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Doug Pagitt will be at Wild Goose Festival 2023!

Prepare for an enriching experience with Doug Pagitt, as he brings his inspiring presence to the festival this year.

Doug is widely recognized for his remarkable contributions to social justice advocacy, and we’re honored to have him as part of our lineup.

His dedication to amplifying marginalized voices and fostering positive change through Vote Common Good has had a profound impact on communities across the nation.

Doug’s Website

Doug has been an integral part of the Wild Goose Festival for many years, lending his wisdom, passion, and expertise to our community. His ongoing involvement has enriched our gatherings, inspiring countless individuals to embark on transformative spiritual journeys, engage in social justice work, and cultivate inclusive communities grounded in love and compassion.

Save the dates and be a part of this transformative experience alongside Doug Pagitt and other incredible voices.

See you at the festival!

#WildGooseFestival #DougPagitt #VoteCommonGood #SocialJustice #InclusiveCommunity

Ken Medema at Wild Goose Festival

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Ken Medema will be back again at Wild Goose Festival 2023!

We’re so excited that the incredibly talented Ken Medema will be joining us again at Wild Goose Festival this year.

He’s known for captivating the audience with his soul-stirring performances. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of an extraordinary musical journey!

Ken is a masterful musician, renowned for his ability to effortlessly blend genres, weaving together elements of folk, gospel, jazz, and beyond.

Ken’s Website

His exceptional piano skills, emotive vocals, and profound lyrics will transport you to a realm of pure musical magic.

Prepare to be moved by Ken’s deeply personal narratives. Through his songs, he shares stories of love, hope, resilience, and social justice, inviting listeners to explore the complexities of the human experience and find inspiration in unlikely places.

Save the date and join us at Wild Goose Festival from July 13-16. We look forward to seeing you there!

J.Kwest at Wild Goose Festival

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J.Kwest will be back again at Wild Goose Festival 2023!

We’re thrilled to announce that the electrifying musical genius, J.Kwest will be returning to Wild Goose, ready to ignite your spirit and move your soul.

Allow yourself to be swept away by J.Kwest’s contagious energy and compelling artistry.

J.Kwest’s Website

From his soulful melodies to his thought-provoking lyrics, he effortlessly bridges the gap between faith and culture, weaving a tapestry of truth and hope that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

J.Kwest’s performances aren’t just concerts; they’re experiences that touch the core of your being. Let the rhythm of his music guide you through a night of liberation and deep reflection, reminding you that we are all catalysts for change.

Get ready to experience the magic of J.Kwest at Wild Goose Festival. Prepare to be moved, uplifted, and awakened to a new level of awareness.

We can’t wait to see you there!