A Peace of My Mind at Wild Goose Festival

By April 2, 2023 April 4th, 2023 Rollouts

A Peace of My Mind is returning for Wild Goose 2023!

We’re delighted to announce the highly anticipated return of John Noltner’s acclaimed project,  “A Peace of My Mind,” to Wild Goose Festival this year! Building on last year’s remarkable success, we’re excited to offer you another opportunity to experience this moving and thought-provoking exploration of humanity. Through his journey of compassion and understanding, photographer and storyteller John Noltner invites you to dive deeper into the stories that connect us all.

With captivating portraits and compelling narratives, “A Peace of My Mind” fosters empathy and encourages dialogue about the power of human connection.

Last year, John asked us, “What has called you to action?” The answers were stunning, heartfelt, and honest – and collectively, they define Wild Goose. See them here.

Engage with John and Other Special Guests

Get up close and personal with John as he shares his experiences, insights, and passion for capturing the essence of peace and understanding. Alongside John, we are honored to have an exceptional lineup of special guests, including inspiring activists, artists, and thought leaders who will engage with you through interactive workshops, panel discussions, and intimate conversations.

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