Wherever we come together –  a nationwide festival, a regional event, a small local gathering, or social spaces online, we learn and grow together, by co-creating art, music, story, theater, and spectacle, and by engaging in robust and respectful conversation with each other and with thought leaders and artists.

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Jatrice Martel Gaiter, Shane Claiborne, Mona Haydar, Sarah Heath, Jarrod McKenna

| 2018 Announcements | No Comments
The line up just keeps getting better and better! We’re thrilled to announce that Australian human rights activist Jarrod McKenna is coming to #WildGoose2018 and will be one of our...

Bryan Johnson, Paula Williams, T. Anthony Spearman, Tony Campolo, Dan White Hodge

| 2018 Announcements | No Comments
Every single year, the circle grows wider and wider! We want to be a community on the leading edge of conversations surrounding ministry, faith, and intersectional justice. That’s why we...

Amy Grant, Jacqui Lewis, Barbara Brown Taylor, and John Pavlovitz are on their way to the Wild Goose Festival!

| 2018 Announcements, 2018 Festival | No Comments
Amy and Jacqui and Barbara and John - it almost sounds like a chant, but a happy chant, on the road to Oz - and that’s just the beginning of...

Ruby Sales, Jen Hatmaker, Otis Moss III, Brian McLaren, and The Red Dirt Boys

| 2018 Announcements, 2018 Festival | No Comments
What happens when you add Ruby Sales, Jen Hatmaker, Otis Moss III (along with the Trinity UCC choir), Brian McLaren, and the Red Dirt Boys (Emmylou Harris’ band with Phil...


Bridging the Gap | Praxis Forum Group

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The Praxis Forum is a group committed to bridging the gap between academic work and on-the-ground efforts in religion. We conduct our own scholarship efforts, but our main focus is…

Not Fences, Lord, but Tables

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In 2017, a group of students from Wake Forest University School of Divinity published a collection of prayers and poems titled Words Made Flesh. I begin by sharing one poem…

Your Invitation to Desanka

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What is Desanka? For years, Desanka has joined the Wild Goose Festival and has been a staple in the community. Desanka is a spiritual community with a mission to walk…

An Intern’s Expectations of #WildGoose2018, from Sojourners

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Sojourners and Wild Goose have a long tradition of partnership. As a Sojourners intern I’m incredibly eager to be part of it this year! This will be my first trip…