Wherever we come together –  a nationwide festival, a regional event, a small local gathering, or social spaces online, we learn and grow together, by co-creating art, music, story, theater, and spectacle, engaging in robust and respectful conversation with each other and with thought leaders and artists.

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A glimpse of 2018 – and Last Chance for Fall Ticket Price!

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If there’s one thing you can expect from the Wild Goose, it’s the unexpected. Powerful and prophetic, Jacqui Lewis is our closing preacher; Jen Hatmaker, one of the world’s most...


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FIRST GOOSE; FIRST TAT Why I have a Wild Goose Tattoo By Richard Kennel I didn’t fit in anywhere. My progressive, independent science-loving free thinking spirit had become spiritually flat,…

Open Call for 2018 Co-Creators

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It’s time again to let us know what YOU would like to do at Wild Goose! The contributions of our “self-submits” each year are at the heart of what make...

Looking for a summer weekend event for your youth group?

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Looking for a summer weekend event for your youth group? The Wild Goose Festival is it! The Wild Goose Festival is an art, music, and story-driven transformational experience grounded in...