The Wild Goose Festival is an art, music, and story-driven transformational experience grounded in faith-inspired social justice.


Instagoodness from #WildGoose2018

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#WildGoose2018 had some incredible moments! We've loved seeing everyone's perspective and photos on the hashtag #WildGoose2018, and we wanted to share some of our favorites. (In no particular order!)  …

Spirit. Love. Justice. Dirt.

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Guest post by breathesinglove 7/14/18, Hot Springs Campground I am literally covered in dirt. Sweat is dripping down my…well, everywhere. Noises surround me in a beautiful symphony of love and peace.…

After Care for After #WildGoose2018

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What an amazing year at #WildGoose2018, right? So many amazing moments, performances, talks, and relationships made. So many memories that we are all carrying with us back to our communities.…


A Goosey Gathering

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Hospitality and kindness are at the heart of the Wild Goose community. So much so that someone who was once simply providing a service to our community actually became a…

What The Goose Gives Me

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I wonder what the Goose will give me this year. When I pull into Hot Springs, it will be my sixth consecutive Wild Goose. Each year I attend on behalf…

Your Tribe is at San Francisco Theological Seminary.

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Your Tribe is at San Francisco Theological Seminary. Take the next step on your journey here.  If Wild Goose is the festival, SFTS is the after party. Ok, we're not…

Bridging the Gap | Praxis Forum Group

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The Praxis Forum is a group committed to bridging the gap between academic work and on-the-ground efforts in religion. We conduct our own scholarship efforts, but our main focus is…


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