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Who’s Coming – THE BIG LIST

By June 3, 2024June 12th, 20242024 Festival

Who’s at Wild Goose Festival This Year?


All these and more!

We just couldn’t wait any longer to reveal our BIG LIST of Co-Creators!

We’re not finished with our scheduling but we wanted you to see our work in progress. CLICK HERE to see the details.

Much of our schedule is complete, but it will be weeks before it’s finalized, and it will go through frequent changes. Some times are displayed and some are not. Some Co-Creators are still to be added – or removed due to cancellations. Of the times displayed, some will still change as we continue to assemble the schedule puzzle. Venues may also change.

So for now, take a peek at the Experiences (don’t be concerned about times) and start thinking about what YOU want to Experience at Wild Goose Festival 2024.

When you click to see details, you’ll notice we’ve added a “Fav” checkbox for Experiences, so you can keep track of your favorites.


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