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Phyllis Tickle

In Honor of Phyllis Tickle

By Goose News

Phyllis Tickle At Wild GoosePhyllis Tickle is one of the reasons Wild Goose exists. Her enthusiasm and affirmations of this journey have called so many of us together, even to endure ticks and floods in the deep woods of North Carolina.

As many of you know, earlier this year Phyllis was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. In her honor, we will be incorporating prayers from the pocket edition of The Divine Hours prayer book into the schedule of the festival.

The Divine Hours, edited by Phyllis, was the first major literary and liturgical reworking of the sixth-century Benedictine Rule of fixed-hour prayer.

Phyllis Tickle At Wild Goose“For many years Phyllis has been one of my chief encouragers,” says Wild Goose Festival Producer Rosa Lee Harden. “ Although some didn’t even know she was there in the background, her words of wisdom led me to the Goose. We were all hoping that she would be able to be with us this year. Since her health will not allow that, we are bringing her to be with us through her work and our prayers.”

Tripp Hudgins is this year’s curator of liturgy at the Wild Goose Festival. He and festival attendee Chris Smith first thought of this way to honor Phyllis. (Read Chris’ review of The Divine Hours here.)

“Phyllis has long been an encouraging presence in my own spiritual life,” says Tripp. “Her resource, The Divine Hours, was yet one more bridge that she offered the chaotic ecumenical environment called Christianity. It is a great example of what she does so well: provide space for all to come together in prayer to discern how what was can also be reborn into what is now and what is next.”

We hope those prayers for her through the ‘hours’ of the Goose will send her strength and encouragement for her journey.

Festival attendees are encouraged to buy a copy to bring to the festival. You can purchase a hardcover copy here or download it to your Kindle.

During our four day pilgrimage at Hot Springs next month, we will have people praying through the day, everyday, using Phyllis’ prayer. We hope those prayers for her through the ‘hours’ of the Goose will send her strength and encouragement for her journey.

In the meantime, if you’d like to pay tribute to Phyllis now as a member of the Wild Goose community, you can do so here.

(Here is a snippet of Phyllis explaining why she loves Wild Goose.)

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