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Spencer LaJoye, Obery Hendricks, Alexia Salvatierra, Doug Pagitt

By March 28, 20242024 Festival

Who’s at Wild Goose Festival This Year?

The third in a series of many!

Spencer LaJoye, an East Coast singer/songwriter with Midwest roots, creates queer indie folk music that resonates deeply through their debut album, “Shadow Puppets,” which explores themes of childhood, shame, and desire. They will return this year, bringing their unique blend of music, storytelling, and emotional connection.

Obery Hendricks, a distinguished African American biblical scholar and social activist, is celebrated for his critical examination of religion in American politics and economy, notably in his book “Christians Against Christianity.” He will be sharing his profound insights on the intersection of faith and social justice, engaging us with his thought-provoking analysis and prophetic intellectualism.

Rev. Dr. Alexia Salvatierra, Academic Dean of the Centro Latino at Fuller Theological Seminary and expert in immigration, faith-rooted organizing, and cross-cultural ministry, is a long-time Wild Goose veteran known for her impactful speaking, training, and workshops aimed at fostering holistic Christian communities.

Doug Pagitt, an American author, pastor, and social activist known for his role in progressive Christianity and as executive director of Vote Common Good, frequently appears in national media and at speaking events. He’ll be engaging in conversations about faith and social action and sharing insights from his latest book, “Outdoing Jesus.”

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