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SkyBlew, Bobby Jo, Rabbi Brian, World in Lights, Ashes and Arrows

By June 9, 2022March 29th, 20232022 Festival

The Wild Goose Festival Lineup Continues!

SkyBlew says “I don’t rap, I paint the sky . . . blew” – and experiencing him on stage says it’s true. From a background that included homelessness, his lyrical ability began to surface during poetry class and freestyle lunchtime sessions, and it’s propelled him to major stage experiences. An interesting note – some say he’s more popular in South Korea than in the US.

Bobby Jo Valentine shares his earthbound yet mystical songs through a storyteller’s voice. Emerging painfully from his northern California conservative roots, he has become a fan-favorite, award-winning songwriter.

Rabbi Brian, with wicked honesty, brings a different way of thinking about religion through the popular, Religion Outside the Box to Wild Goose.

World in Lights, known also in Wild Goose terms as Joel Herbert and Dani Roca, is a powerful pair – a couple, actually – bringing spiritual yearning, relational drama, and audacious hope to their engaging music.

Ashes & Arrows, with strong vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and on-stage charisma, brings an authentically original and genuinely unique shape to their Wild Goose experience.

And don’t forget! FIVE all-day Pre-Festival events on Thursday July 14

Justice Camp – Led by Jim Wallis along with Steven Harris

Wisdom Camp – With Rainier Wylde, Kristi Born, Aline Defiglia, Heiwi no Bushi, Jennifer Helminski, Micky ScottBey Jones, Viony Medlin, and Mike Morrell

Reconstruction Theology – With Pete Enns and Jared Byas

New Writers Workshop Led by Brian Allain

Lead NOW! – With Joy Wallis and Wayne Meisel

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