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We’re grateful to VanHoy Farms & Campground for their hospitality and ask that you please adhere to the following festival camping policies in addition to all other campground policies and the Festival Community Guidelines.

For directions to the Festival, see Map to the Goose.


You can find gas, food, and fuel within a short drive. There is a gas station just off I-77, to the west of the interstate. There is a Dollar General and a Family Dollar about ten minutes away in Harmony, NC.

There is a small General Store in Union Grove, about five minutes to the west on NC 901.

Statesville, about 20 minutes south on I-77, and Elkin, about 20 minutes north on I-77 each have a variety of options for gas, food, and fuel, as well as lodging and shopping.


Please pack with a plan to minimize waste. Reduce what you bring. Reuse as much as possible by bringing refillable water bottles, coffee mugs, and even silverware or plates you can carry with you to use and wash. Trash stations will be available and we do our best to arrange for recycling. Please have a system for sorting at your campsite, pay close attention to the stations, and participate in leaving the campground better than we found it.

Also, please note that, in order to protect native species, we ask that you do not bring firewood if you are traveling more than an hour to VanHoy.


The Festival campgrounds open at 10 am on Thursday. There will be no registration available prior to this time.

Thursday,  10 am - 4 pm

Campers may bring their vehicle on site for 30 minutes to unload. Vehicles will then need to be parked in the designated parking area. Campers are welcome to access and use their car from the parking area anytime, but no public traffic will be permitted back on the campsite until the close of the festival at 12:30 pm on Sunday. Due to the limited size of the campgrounds and the safety of all festival goers, campers may not leave their vehicles parked at their campsites after 4 pm Thursday. A limited number of Car Camping tickets will be available (see CAR CAMPING). At 4 pm, Rangers will help clear the site of all vehicles. Vehicles remaining on site after 4pm will be subject to towing.

EARLY ARRIVAL (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Volunteers may arrive before Thursday but must notify their Team Lead in advance. Volunteers camping prior to Monday need to make arrangements with the campground before arrival.

If you purchased Glamping or Dana's Tent, your tent will be ready by Wednesday.

If you're setting up your own tent: If the tent company hasn't completed their setup of all our venue tents, our liability insurance requires that you set up away from areas where they are working. You're welcome to move later, if you like, after the tent company has completed their install.

LATE ARRIVAL (after 4:00 PM Thursday)

Check in closes at 8:30pm. If you arrive after 8:30pm here is the After Hours process:

Enter VanHoy Farms through the exit sign and park in ADA parking (on your left hand side as you pull in). You will need to carry your things into your tent site. In the morning, you must move your car before noon and go through the regular check in process. Campers who arrive at or after 4 pm Thursday will not be permitted to bring their vehicle on site unless they are using a Car Camping site.

Campers may walk their supplies on site and the Shuttle may be available to help. RVs will not be permitted to drive on the campgrounds after dark for the safety of other campers.


Parking passes are available on our website. If you have not purchased a pass in advance, please have cash available upon arrival for parking. Parking passes are $20 for the entire weekend (or $10 per day). All festival parking will be in a designated area. Campers may access their vehicles and re-park at any time; however, without a car camping pass, vehicles are not permitted on the campsite during the festival.


Cell phones should work at and around the area of the campground. There’s a cell tower very close.


Ice is available for sale at the VanHoy office and at the 7-Eleven in Union Grove.


On Sunday, from 9 - 11 am Shuttle assistance may be available to aid in transporting camping supplies over to the Parking Area.

The Festival closes at 1:00 pm on Sunday and campers should be off the site by 4 pm. Vehicles will be permitted on site to load camp supplies. Please breakdown your campsite first, then bring your vehicle on site to load. This will help with safety and the flow of traffic in the limited space.


Please walk bikes through the pathways in crowded areas. Use caution and consideration for pedestrians and children. Bicycles must have lights after dark. Motorized personal use vehicles are not allowed, except in the case of special mobility needs.


Pets are not permitted at the festival. Service dogs are permitted, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate them.


There are options for folks with specific medical or mobility needs. There will be spaces reserved that are limited and carry an additional expense. If you have special needs in regard to camping, lodging and/or site accessibility, please contact our Accessibility Coordinator Carrie Craig at or check out the Accessibility page.


A shuttle will be available throughout the duration of the festival for transportation around the site and to the Parking Area for medical and mobility accommodations. Other festival-goers may ride the shuttle with priority to those needing additional accommodations. Please don’t be shy in flagging down the shuttle!


Be safe: beware of yellow jackets; and stay hydrated! We have a First-Aid at the Ranger Station.


Festival staff and Rangers will be providing security, although we cannot guarantee the safety of valuables. Security or local Police have the right to remove people from the premises who are disruptive or who jeopardize the safety of others through intoxication or reckless behavior.


Please consume responsibly and respectfully. If you are consuming alcohol at the stages or tents please keep it in a cup or coozy. Alcohol may not be taken off the campground.

Public intoxication and drug abuse are not acceptable. You will be asked to leave the site and not permitted re-entry if you are intoxicated.


  • Weapons of mass destruction (or any other sort of weapon)
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Fireworks of any kind
  • Pets
  • Drones
  • Beer Kegs
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