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Godly Play

Emily Griffin, Nancy St. John, Sally Thomas

Saturday, 12:00pm | Workshop

Godly Play invites imagination, wonder, stillness, and spirit to coalesce in a variety of ages and ways. Inspired by Maria Montessori’s deep trust of each child’s inner teacher, Godly Play offers all-comers an invitation to listen and play with scripture in fresh ways and is most at home in circles of people who value stories and wonder – families, churches, hospital bedsides and so much more. In its 2nd year in the Kids’ Tent at the Goose, join Godly Play Foundation Trainers Emily, Nancy, and Sally for a ‘taste’ of Godly Play and some conversation about how stories of our faith and time for deep reflection invite exploration and wonder, on our journey as people of God in this day and this time.

Emily Griffin

Emily will be co-leading children’s activities at Wild Goose again this year. She’s an Episcopal priest at St. Alban’s in Washington, DC and a trainer in Godly Play – a hands-on, creative method of spiritual guidance used primarily but not always with kids. When she’s not in a circle sharing stories, she’s either reading voraciously, attempting French cooking with her husband, or brushing up on her Spanish. She’s most at home in the mountains and can’t wait to sing and work and pray and play again this year at the Goose.

Nancy St. John  

Nancy is very much looking forward to joining teammates in co-leading children’s activities at Wild Goose this year. She is a trained early childhood Montessori teacher at a Montessori school in Scituate, Massachusetts. Nancy is also a trainer for the Godly Play, a religious method that helps children explore their faith through story. Both these passions compliment the other, as she sits on the floor with children most Sundays at a nearby Episcopal church telling stories. Nancy lives along the rocky Massachusetts seashore, where she marvels at its beauty and loves walking along the beach any chance she gets in search of “treasure.”

Sally Thomas 

“Sally is the most irreverent reverent person” a childhood friend recently proclaimed. Yep! Since her own children declared their innate theology as they emerged from the womb, Sally has been attuned to the spiritual wisdom children offer in this wondrous world. She has been in cahoots with circles of children and their families using Godly Play for twenty years and is thrilled to join peeps Emily Griffin and Nancy St. John for Godly Play again at the Goose.

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