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Open Call for 2016 Contributors

By January 5, 2016March 1st, 2016Goose News

It’s time to let us know what YOU would like to do at Wild Goose!

The 2016 Wild Goose continues to create space for courageous, imaginative, and participative social justice work, creative expression, spiritual practice, and astonishing music and art.

We’ll be exploring all this in the context of STORY: What are our shared narratives? How have they shaped us – in our joy and in our suffering? How do we challenge the destructive narratives in the presence of a growing wave of fear, violence, and control?   Can one person’s story of success be another’s story of oppression? How do we see the truth in the mash-up?

We encourage you to go “all out” to increase the level of participation and interactivity – a lot! Whatever your role – artist, musician, speaker, or… when crafting your presentation, think without boundary or expectation in ways that will actively involve your audience.

The deadline for applying is midnight on February 29th. Our programming team will consider all submissions and we will notify applicants of the status of their submission no later than April 1st. In rare instances, a submission may be waitlisted and notified no later than May 1st.

There’s a $40 application fee to offset programming costs. If you have any questions contact

Thank you for all your submissions.

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