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NC Economic Boycott and Wild Goose 2017

By December 28, 2016February 12th, 2017Goose News

We are deeply disappointed that North Carolina failed to repeal HB2 in a special legislative session just before Christmas.


In response to this and other undemocratic actions by the State of North Carolina, Reverend William Barber, a friend and mentor to the WG community, has called for an economic boycott of the state.

We’ve communicated with the management of our festival site, the Hot Springs Spa, letting them know that we are investigating sites outside of North Carolina and asking them to increase their pressure on state government leaders to repeal their offensive legislation. They have been most gracious in their response: they are holding the dates for us as they add their voices to those calling upon the legislature to take positive action.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress of both the legislative battle and the Wild Goose site deliberations.

We ask your patience and your grace as we prayerfully stand against this injustice and continue in our effort to provide safer spaces for everyone – not just a “safer festival site” but a safer life, every single day!

Be assured the Wild Goose will gather this summer!

Jeff Clark, Wild Goose President and Producer

P.S. As you can imagine, this turn of events is adding “above and beyond” expenses to our budget. Please click here if you can help.

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  • Sarah Morgan says:

    Please, I pray that the rest of the social activists in our country won’t leave North Carolinians of conciseness alone in fight this battle.

    Freedom Riders ate, slept and filled up their gas tanks in the states where they did their important work. How is this different? Wild Goose helps energize NC activist for the fight AND helps others better understand this culture. I ask you to consider this before moving the festival.
    Sarah Morgan
    Charlotte, NC

  • First, thank you for being open about your thoughts and plans.

    This is such a challenging issue. On the one hand, I strongly support a general economic boycott of North Carolina. On the other hand, we of the Wild Goose community are agents of change – how can we influence opinions if we are not on site with our sleeves rolled up collaborating with the locals? We need to compassionately listen to and try to understand those groups who believe that this heinous legislation somehow makes them safer. They have legitimate needs; unfortunately, they are trying to get those needs met in destructive ways. We must stand up for the rights of LGBTQ and other persecuted humans, as we recognize the humanity of the misguided oppressors.

    I know the Wild Goose struggled with this issue last year and made the controversial decision to keep the festival in North Carolina. I think that was the right decision for 2016, and I think it is the right choice for the 2017 festival.

    I believe that the value of all revenue directly and indirectly generated by the Goose which would be lost by NC businesses is outweighed by the value of directly interacting with the citizens of North Carolina, listening to their concerns, and addressing those concerns with a positive message.

    For organizations that are not explicitly and actively working to overturn the discriminatory NC laws, I support the boycott. But the Wild Goose is engaged in working for equal rights for ALL people and I think we will have more impact on attitudes and policies if we are on the ground in North Carolina working to change hearts and minds.

    Bottom line, the stick may be necessary, but I assert that The Goose is better situated to be a carrot. That’s how I see it – and I and support whatever decision you ultimately arrive at.

    From and with love,
    Mike Phillips
    My stand is that every human being on the face of the planet gets a chance to be heard and experiences being known and loved.

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