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Lyric, John, Sarah, Kevin, Stan, & Jes

By May 20, 2022March 29th, 20232022 Festival

The Wild Goose Festival Lineup Continues!

Lyric – It has been said that NOBODY rocks Wild Goose like Lyric rocks Wild Goose. It’s a party – don’t miss it!

John Pavlovitz – Merriam-Webster says a prophet is “one gifted with more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight.” Many Wild Goose people say a prophet is John Pavlovitz. Stir it up, John! Call ‘em out John!

Sarah Heath and Kevin Garcia – Internet aunties Sara and Kevin address your pressing issues from heartache to homecare, skin care to soul care with wicked insight and sassy humor as Your Favorite Aunts.

Stan Mitchell – Stan is both challenging and changing the way we do “church” as cutting edge thought-leader and virtual pastor with Everybody Church.

Jes Kast – Jes is a constructive theologian, pop culture aficionado, innovative church leader bringing her contagious communication to Wild Goose.

Watch for more announcements soon!

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