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Grace Ji-Sun Kim at Wild Goose Festival

By March 29, 2023June 21st, 2024Rollouts

We’re honored to welcome Grace Ji-Sun Kim back to Wild Goose Festival this year!

Grace is a widely acclaimed theologian, professor, and author who has been a vital voice in the intersection of faith and social justice. She’s the host of Christian Century’s Madang podcast and is an ordained Presbyterian Church (USA) minister. More of her writing and work can be found on her blog site Loving Life.

Grace’s work is not only highly regarded in academic circles, but also in broader communities. Her writing has been featured in major media outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Huffington Post. She has authored and edited numerous books, including “Healing Our Broken Humanity,” “Embracing the Other,” and “Contemplations from the Heart.”

Watch Grace’s “Waking the Goose” talk from 2022:

Waking the Goose with Grace Ji-Sun Kim

We’re excited to have her join us again, and we look forward to the impact she’ll have on our gathering. Her wisdom, insight, and compassion will enrich our conversations and deepen our understanding of the intersections of faith, justice, and the world around us.

Join us this July for an unforgettable experience with Grace Ji-Sun Kim and the entire Wild Goose community!

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