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Wild Goose Festival FAQs


What is it?
It’s a 4-day festival at the intersection of justice, spirituality, and art. But it’s so much more than that! [MORE]

The festival program opens at 5 PM Thursday and closes at 5 pm Sunday. Arrivals begin Wednesday 3 pm to 8:30 pm for pre-festival events on Thursday. Registration and check in hours on Thursday are 10 AM to 9 PM. 

Check In for pre-festival events will be available on Wednesday from 1 pm to 5 pm, and Thursday from 7am to 9am.

Plan to arrive in time to have your campsite set up well before 5 PM. Please note that no vehicular traffic is allowed in the campground between 3pm Thursday and 1pm Sunday. Car parking is not allowed at most campsites; there will be a designated area for parking.

At VanHoy Farms & Campground, near Union Grove, NC [MAP]

Nearest airports?
Charlotte, NC, Greensboro, NC, Asheville, NC is a bit further.

Where can I stay?
Most folks stay in the campgrounds in tents or RVs. There are a variety of hotels and motels about 20 minutes to the north and south of VanHoy. If you want to stay on the campgrounds but don’t want to camp, you might want to consider Glamping. To get the most from your festival experience, you’ll want to stay as close as possible and plan to be around the campgrounds until at least 10PM. There is always something happening until after midnight. Detailed camping/lodging info

What should I do when I arrive?
First, you need to check in. Check-In for pre-festival event attendees is Wednesday 3:00pm to 8:30pm. Regular ticket holder check-in begins Thursday from 10:00am to 9:00pm. It will be clearly marked. After you’ve registered, if you are camping, you may drive to your campsite to set up before 5 PM on Thursday only. No personal vehicles are allowed on the campground during the festival – please move your vehicle to the parking area before 5 PM.

Check-In for Vendors, Partners, Volunteers, and Co-Creators is also open Thursday 10am-9pm. Check-in for volunteers will be open for a few hours on Wednesday evening as well as Thursday.

Where do I get supplies?
The closest areas nearby are Statesville, NC and Elkin, NC.


Wild Goose Festival will be selling ice on the grounds Thursday through Saturday.

What about accessibility?
There are additional options for folks with specific medical or mobility needs. If you have special needs in regard to camping, lodging and/or site accessibility, please contact our Accessibility Coordinator Carrie Craig.

What should I bring?
Rain gear. A chair. Bug spray, sunblock, a flashlight, your Swiss Army knife, a corkscrew, your coffee mug, and your water bottle. An umbrella for shade. A video camera. Any other comforts you can think of. There will be food vendors and craft/merchandise vendors onsite.

How can I plan my time at the festival?
Don’t wait until you arrive to start planning. And realize you won’t be able to see everything. As the festival date gets closer we’ll have an index you can search for performers, presenters, and session/performance times. We recommend combing through that as early as possible, rather than waiting until you’re onsite, when everything is happening at once!

Anything else I can do to prepare?
Yes, glad you asked!

We would love for you to think of the stories of your life and be ready to share one or more with us. Think through your story, even rehearse it. There will be several opportunities to tell your story – to an audience, and/or to our video cameras.

One of our goals is to make the festival a more participatory event. Co-Creation is what we call it. There will be events where you may do more than sit in a seat and watch someone on stage. And we’d like you to think ahead about bringing stuff with you – to create art, to decorate your campsite or to help decorate the paths and roads in the campground. How can you help make this a more festive event? How can you participate as a Co-Creator?

How did The Wild Goose Festival get started?

Who attends the festival?

  • Music and art lovers
  • People who want to be part of a movement for change
  • People who enjoy socializing in an upbeat environment with live music and open air conversation
  • People who appreciate contemplative time outdoors in nature
  • Camping enthusiasts
  • Facebook friends finally meeting face-to-face
  • Adults and families with children (Children under 12 are free!)
  • Youth, college, church, and other groups
  • People exploring and growing their faith
  • All are welcome. We are committed to being open to all. Whoever you are, and wherever you come from, and whatever you’re looking for, you’re welcome at the Wild Goose Festival!

What if I still have questions?
Contact us! We’ll respond as quickly as we can.

How can I get up-to-date news about the festival?
Visit the website often, follow us on Twitter (@wildgoosefest) or Facebook for the latest updates, Sign up for the newsletter. 

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