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Drew Brown, Sara Cunningham, Adam Harris, and Bryan Sirchio

By June 5, 2024June 21st, 20242024 Festival

Who’s at Wild Goose Festival This Year?

Another in a series of many!

Drew Brown is an award-winning and Juno-nominated musician, producer, podcaster, photographer, social justice & anti-racist advocate, craft beer enthusiast, bourbon lover, storyteller, and all-around incredible human. His vulnerability and warm heart attract everyone he meets, and his tireless efforts to humanize every person and disarm hate with love are his daily pursuits. He also has a side project under the moniker Hymns For The Architect – in which he creates music for spiritual practices and the seasons of the soul. When he isn’t recording, performing, and producing, you can find him gracing the open mics, walking the protest lines, inspiring neighbourliness, speaking out in interviews + podcasts, and posting awareness, soulfulness, and silliness on Instagram. Thankfully, Drew Brown can honestly say he did not write this bio.

Sara Cunningham is an author, activist, and founder of the non-profit organization Free Mom Hugs. Her journey is a surprising one that began in conservative Oklahoma, when her son, Parker, came out as gay. As a woman of faith, Sara wrestled with the news until she began to study, research, and reconcile the two worlds. This journey resulted in her book How We Sleep at Night. She found herself on a journey “from the church to the Pride parade,” falling in love with the LGBTQIA+ community. In the wake of beautiful glitter-covered hugs and heart-breaking horror stories, the mission of Free Mom Hugs began. Simple acts of love and acceptance turned into a viral sensation, and Sara knew she had the opportunity to lead impactful change. Free Mom Hugs is now a movement across the country and the world.

Adam Harris grew up as an Evangelical Christian and experienced a difficult process of deconstruction while in undergrad and full-time ministry. This journey helped him better understand the necessary stages of faith people may experience, which has enabled him to help others who may be having a crisis of faith or reexamining it. He is currently a Pastor in Hendersonville, TN at a church called Godwhy. This unique and fully affirming community seeks to hold a balance between God, tradition, questions, and higher education to create a Christian community that is adequately equipped for the 21st century. He holds an undergraduate degree in Theological Studies from Oral Roberts University, a Master’s in Theological Studies from Vanderbilt University, and is currently working on his Doctorate of Leadership in Global Perspectives at Portland Seminary.

Bryan Sirchio is one of the founders of the Convergence Music Project (, a digital source of new worship music characterized by progressive/expansive theology, inclusive language, social justice, spiritual growth, and honoring the well-being of the earth. He is author of the book, The 6 Marks of Progressive Christian Worship Music. Bryan is also a singer/songwriter, recording artist, curriculum creator, ordained UCC minister, and pastor of McFarland United Church of Christ in McFarland, WI (just outside Madison). He’s also founder of Haiti Allies, a non-profit that focuses on education, feeding people, and creating jobs among the poorest of the poor in Haiti. Despite the serious nature of much of his work, Bryan loves to goof around, not take himself too seriously, have great conversations, meet new people, and enjoy life. So don’t hesitate to approach him if any of this piques your curiosity!

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