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David Gushee at Wild Goose Festival

By May 18, 2023Rollouts

David Gushee will be at Wild Goose Festival 2023!

We’re honored to announce that renowned theologian, author, and social ethicist David Gushee will be joining us at this year’s Wild Goose Festival.

With his thought-provoking insights, unwavering commitment to justice, and deep understanding of faith, David has become a voice of conscience and compassion within our world today

David’s Website

His expertise on topics such as social justice, human rights, LGBTQ+ inclusion, and Christian ethics will challenge your thinking and inspire you to explore new avenues of faith and action.

Throughout his distinguished career, David Gushee has written numerous influential books, including “Changing Our Mind: A Call from America’s Leading Evangelical Ethics Scholar for Full Acceptance of LGBT Christians in the Church.” His tireless advocacy for marginalized communities has brought him recognition and respect from individuals across diverse backgrounds.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wild Goose Festival and witnessing the collective power of faith, art, and justice as we come together to make a difference in the world.

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