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Casey VanHoy – True Wild Goose

By February 12, 2024February 16th, 2024WGF 2024

VanHoy Farms & Campground in 1970

Raised by educators and with a legacy of inclusive community, Casey has not been a stranger to Goose Values. When hearing about Beer & Hymns, he recalled saying, “stop there. I love that concept.” If that wasn’t enough for him to love the Goose, meeting Jeff Clark might’ve tipped the scales.

Following August 1969’s Woodstock, the family campground – the land Casey’s parents purchased in 1946 – was swept into the festival experience hype. “From Hare Krishnas to Hell’s Angels,” Casey explained, the land was open to all. The community has been highly welcomed and included as well.

The brick house on the property, the oldest building, belonged to his parents. Two log cabins were brought in from separate locations in Wilkes County, connected with help of some “left over hippies,” as he put it.

In 1984, working alongside his father and business partner, Casey helped transition the primitive camping offerings to also include an RV park. He has continued to expand RV accommodations for events like the Goose. “If it’s good for Wild Goose, it’s good for us, too,” he said.

“My neighbors,” he even explained, “we all want to see this event succeed.” His nephew John, his son, Luke, and wife Tracy are all part of helping support the campground and Wild Goose Festival.

“We’ve been given a lot,” Casey said, “so we try to give back.” Hosting a Car Show where proceeds go to Hospice is only one example. He spoke of that as a way to honor his mother. Boy Scouts have been welcomed to use the land and local law enforcement stops by from time to time for K9 training.

“It makes my heart feel good when I see everybody get together,” he said. Ask him about his first experience with Beer & Hymns, because you’ll have to hear it from him.

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