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Brian, The Heathens, Adam, Ken, & Paula

By May 17, 2022March 29th, 20232022 Festival

The Wild Goose Festival Lineup Continues!

Brian McLaren Wakes the Goose on Wild Goose Friday this year. Some say if the world has a pastor, it’s Brian McLaren; others say if the world has a first-thinker around faith and spirit, it’s Brian McLaren – it’s an incredible gift to think so far ahead, and yet stay so present.

The Heathens are bringing their deeply hopeful “break up” message to Wild Goose and it’s a life changer for thousands of people. Sorry, it sounds like a cliché’ – but don’t miss The Heathens at Wild Goose.

Adam Russell Taylorpresident of Sojourners, sets the tone and the tempo for moving forward, together, in this crazy space called right now with his new book, A More Perfect Union: A New Vision for Building the Beloved Community 

Ken Medema is without parallel, beyond comparison – even when you what he does, when you experience it, it’s hard to believe it just happened. Ken Medema will do Ken Medema and more at Wild Goose.

Paula Stone Williams – her work among an incredibly wide range of leaders from many frames of reference, amplifies her voice for justice like few others. Her vision intoxicates and her leadership engages. Being with Paula will help you hope.

Watch for more announcements soon!

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