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Brian McLaren, Sarah Heath, David Gushee, Ruby Sales

By March 28, 20242024 Festival

Who’s at Wild Goose Festival This Year?

The second in a series of many!

Brian McLaren, a Wild Goose founder and renowned author, speaker, and advocate for progressive Christianity, focuses on fostering a just and generous faith across all religions for the common good, with recent works including “Faith After Doubt” and “Do I Stay Christian?”. He’ll be sharing his insights and experiences, engaging us in discussions on doubt, faith, and the future of Christianity in a world facing challenges.

Sarah Heath, an ordained United Methodist clergywoman with a multifaceted career as an actress, author, podcaster, and more, leads a unique church in Southern California aimed at embracing all humans and integrates spirituality with daily life through her work, including her books “What’s Your Story?” and “The Authenticity Challenge.” She’ll be bringing her inclusive message and dynamic storytelling to Wild Goose Festival, encouraging us to explore our narratives and the intersection of faith with everyday life.

David Gushee, a preeminent Christian Ethics scholar with contributions including “Kingdom Ethics” and “Changing Our Mind,” holds distinguished positions at Mercer University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and is recognized globally for his influential books and activism within the post-evangelical movement. He’ll share his expertise and insights, and engage with us on ethical living and the intersection of faith and social justice.

Ruby Sales

Ruby Sales is a nationally-recognized human-rights activist, and public theologian. She has made significant contributions to civil rights, social justice, and community building – beginning in the 1960s as a student freedom fighter and continuing through her work with the SpiritHouse Project and other initiatives aimed at fostering racial, economic, and social justice. She will be sharing her wealth of experience and insights, inspiring us with her dedication to activism and advocacy for marginalized communities.

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