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Camping with Dana

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Dana’s Outdoor Edventures – at Wild Goose

You want to come to Wild Goose Festival AND really enjoy the whole experience… you need to camp!

Dana will be there from start to finish, available to serve you and make sure your festival experience is memorable (AND you don’t have to work OR have the gear). She’ll be right there with you for any questions, to top off the air in your air mattress, to host a campfire each night, and to create a welcoming community within the Goose that you can come back to without hassle.

For years, Dana has cultivated an engaging and relaxing camping experience for both newcomers and returning attendees, volunteers, co-creators, and sponsors at Wild Goose.

“I can always trust that everything will be set up before I get there. She stays with the tents and acts as a host throughout [Wild Goose] festival. I especially love the big campfire that she builds each night. It is a great way to get to know everyone” – Susan (from Dana’s website).

For more information, click here for her website.

To connect with Dana – call 704-650-8508. She’s always excited to help you out.

Casey VanHoy – True Wild Goose

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VanHoy Farms & Campground in 1996


VanHoy Farms & Campground in 1970

Raised by educators and with a legacy of inclusive community, Casey has not been a stranger to Goose Values. When hearing about Beer & Hymns, he recalled saying, “stop there. I love that concept.” If that wasn’t enough for him to love the Goose, meeting Jeff Clark might’ve tipped the scales.

Following August 1969’s Woodstock, the family campground – the land Casey’s parents purchased in 1946 – was swept into the festival experience hype. “From Hare Krishnas to Hell’s Angels,” Casey explained, the land was open to all. The community has been highly welcomed and included as well.

The brick house on the property, the oldest building, belonged to his parents. Two log cabins were brought in from separate locations in Wilkes County, connected with help of some “left over hippies,” as he put it.

In 1984, working alongside his father and business partner, Casey helped transition the primitive camping offerings to also include an RV park. He has continued to expand RV accommodations for events like the Goose. “If it’s good for Wild Goose, it’s good for us, too,” he said.

“My neighbors,” he even explained, “we all want to see this event succeed.” His nephew John, his son, Luke, and wife Tracy are all part of helping support the campground and Wild Goose Festival.

“We’ve been given a lot,” Casey said, “so we try to give back.” Hosting a Car Show where proceeds go to Hospice is only one example. He spoke of that as a way to honor his mother. Boy Scouts have been welcomed to use the land and local law enforcement stops by from time to time for K9 training.

“It makes my heart feel good when I see everybody get together,” he said. Ask him about his first experience with Beer & Hymns, because you’ll have to hear it from him.

Yoga in The Grove at Wild Goose 2022

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Unveiling Yoga in The Grove for 2022!

We’ve expanded the yoga offerings this year and have a dedicated yoga tent in The Grove, Wild Goose’s new wellness & embodiment area.

Wild Goose Yoga Coordinator Marlene Pomeroy is returning for her second year of teaching yoga and has curated a schedule of sessions to complement the vast offerings that are Wild Goose.

Our teachers will offer eleven sessions spread over three days between 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. starting on Friday morning with an energetic Slow flow morning yoga and ending with a final Flow Yoga class Sunday at 8:00 a.m. In between you can select: noonday centering prayer, Tai Chi and Qigong practices, as well as a restorative yoga Nidra practice.

See the schedule for the names of our yoga/prayer/movement practitioners in the Grove and come join us as we move, breathe and find our stillness together!!

Check out the bios and sessions descriptions of these talented leaders:

Deborah Adams, Jim Canup, Dave Harold, Viony Medlin, Caitlyn Osborn, Therese Taylor-Stinson, and Marlene Pomeroy.


Dietra Wise Baker, Chris Kratzer, Chebon Kernell, Colby Martin

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Who’s at Wild Goose Festival This Year?

The fifth in a series of many!

Rev. Dr. Dietra Wise Baker, serving as Assistant Professor of Community Engagement and Director of Contextual Education at Eden Theological Seminary, is a certified anti-racism trainer and a leader in faith-based community organizing. With expertise in church planting, youth ministry, and social justice movements, Dr. Baker’s educational background includes degrees from Howard University, Eden Theological Seminary, and Aquinas Institute of Theology, alongside her role as a mother to her son Cornell.

Chris Kratzer is a pastor and author of 25 years. His transition away from conservative Evangelicalism has served thousands around the world in discovering a faith that doesn’t require one to lose their mind, heart, and self in the process. Chris purposes his writing on being a voice for the spiritually oppressed that they may know they are loved, affirmed, and not alone, while also calling the evils of modern, conservative Christianity out of the shadows. Chris is married with four children.

The Rev. Chebon Kernell, an ordained Elder in the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, has notably served as the executive secretary of Native American and Indigenous Ministries, collaborating with international bodies like the World Council of Churches and the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. His efforts focused on fostering improved relationships between the United Methodist Church and Indigenous communities through dialogue, study, and actions of repentance for historical injustices.

Colby Martin has spent two decades navigating the realms of evangelical and post-evangelical, progressive Christianity, authoring books like “UnClobber” and “The Shift” to help people find liberation from harmful religious doctrines. After founding and leading Sojourn Grace Collective in San Diego, he now focuses on reaching a global audience through digital platforms and itinerant preaching, emphasizing the importance of openness and the belief that everyone is inherently beloved by God just as they are.

Paula Williams, Hal Taussig, Josh Scott, Starlette Thomas

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Who’s at Wild Goose Festival This Year?

The fourth in a series of many!

Paula Stone Williams, known for her impactful work and speaking on Gender Equity, LGBTQ+ Advocacy, and Religious Tolerance, has reached millions through her TEDTalks and media appearances, and authored the best-selling book “As a Woman – What I Learned About Power, Sex, and the Patriarchy After I Transitioned.”

Hal Taussig, a New Testament Professor with 16 published books and extensive lecturing experience in the U.S. and internationally, is known for his innovative work on early Christian texts and practices, including “A New New Testament: A Bible for the 21st Century.” He will be sharing his scholarly insights and engaging with us on the historical and contemporary relevance of Jesus movements.

Josh Scott currently leads GracePointe Church in Nashville, focusing on exploring faith through a Progressive Christian perspective and authoring books like “Bible Stories for Grown-Ups.” His work and insights into reframing Christian narratives are available at, where he shares with a broad audience while balancing life with his wife, Carla, and five kids near Nashville.

Starlette Thomas, a race abolitionist and womanist in ministry, champions a raceless gospel through her work as associate editor and director of The Raceless Gospel Initiative at Good Faith Media, and as the author of “Take Me to the Water.” She will be sharing her vision of a reconciled, desegregated church, engaging with us on the intersections of race, religion, and politics.

Spencer LaJoye, Obery Hendricks, Alexia Salvatierra, Doug Pagitt

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Who’s at Wild Goose Festival This Year?

The third in a series of many!

Spencer LaJoye, an East Coast singer/songwriter with Midwest roots, creates queer indie folk music that resonates deeply through their debut album, “Shadow Puppets,” which explores themes of childhood, shame, and desire. They will return this year, bringing their unique blend of music, storytelling, and emotional connection.

Obery Hendricks, a distinguished African American biblical scholar and social activist, is celebrated for his critical examination of religion in American politics and economy, notably in his book “Christians Against Christianity.” He will be sharing his profound insights on the intersection of faith and social justice, engaging us with his thought-provoking analysis and prophetic intellectualism.

Rev. Dr. Alexia Salvatierra, Academic Dean of the Centro Latino at Fuller Theological Seminary and expert in immigration, faith-rooted organizing, and cross-cultural ministry, is a long-time Wild Goose veteran known for her impactful speaking, training, and workshops aimed at fostering holistic Christian communities.

Doug Pagitt, an American author, pastor, and social activist known for his role in progressive Christianity and as executive director of Vote Common Good, frequently appears in national media and at speaking events. He’ll be engaging in conversations about faith and social action and sharing insights from his latest book, “Outdoing Jesus.”

Brian McLaren, Sarah Heath, David Gushee, Ruby Sales

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Who’s at Wild Goose Festival This Year?

The second in a series of many!

Brian McLaren, a Wild Goose founder and renowned author, speaker, and advocate for progressive Christianity, focuses on fostering a just and generous faith across all religions for the common good, with recent works including “Faith After Doubt” and “Do I Stay Christian?”. He’ll be sharing his insights and experiences, engaging us in discussions on doubt, faith, and the future of Christianity in a world facing challenges.

Sarah Heath, an ordained United Methodist clergywoman with a multifaceted career as an actress, author, podcaster, and more, leads a unique church in Southern California aimed at embracing all humans and integrates spirituality with daily life through her work, including her books “What’s Your Story?” and “The Authenticity Challenge.” She’ll be bringing her inclusive message and dynamic storytelling to Wild Goose Festival, encouraging us to explore our narratives and the intersection of faith with everyday life.

David Gushee, a preeminent Christian Ethics scholar with contributions including “Kingdom Ethics” and “Changing Our Mind,” holds distinguished positions at Mercer University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and is recognized globally for his influential books and activism within the post-evangelical movement. He’ll share his expertise and insights, and engage with us on ethical living and the intersection of faith and social justice.

Ruby Sales

Ruby Sales is a nationally-recognized human-rights activist, and public theologian. She has made significant contributions to civil rights, social justice, and community building – beginning in the 1960s as a student freedom fighter and continuing through her work with the SpiritHouse Project and other initiatives aimed at fostering racial, economic, and social justice. She will be sharing her wealth of experience and insights, inspiring us with her dedication to activism and advocacy for marginalized communities.

AJ Levine, Jim Wallis, Flamy Grant, Jacqui Lewis

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Who’s at Wild Goose Festival This Year?

The first in a series of many!

AJ Levine, a distinguished professor known for her extensive work in New Testament and Jewish Studies, including notable books like “The Misunderstood Jew” and “Short Stories by Jesus,” is a prominent figure in Jewish-Christian relations. She will be sharing her insights with us, furthering her commitment to interfaith dialogue and understanding.

Jim Wallis, a Wild Goose veteran and an influential American theologian, writer, and advocate for peace and social justice, is the founder of Sojourners magazine and a prominent figure in the Christian left, currently holding the position of inaugural Archbishop Desmond Tutu Chair in Faith and Justice at Georgetown University. He will be bringing his insights on faith and justice to Wild Goose, contributing to the event’s dialogue on spirituality and activism.

Flamy Grant, a trailblazing drag queen and musician from Western North Carolina, whose debut record “Bible Belt Baby” topped the iTunes Christian Charts, uses her music and storytelling to highlight the queer spiritual journey and themes of resilience and recovery from religious trauma. Flamy will be showcasing her talents and sharing her empowering message with us this summer!

Rev. Jacqui Lewis, Ph.D., a dynamic author, activist, and preacher known for her leadership at New York’s Middle Church and advocacy for a just, inclusive society, will join us again this year, bringing her passion for antiracism, social justice, and love. Through her extensive work in urban ministry, public theology, and national media, Lewis has become a powerful voice for racial equality, economic justice, and LGBTQ+ rights, aiming to inspire and educate festival-goers on creating inclusive communities.

Doug, Steven, Emily, Matthew, and Randi

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The Wild Goose Festival Lineup Continues!

Doug Pagitt is not just on the electoral front-line, he’s defining the electoral front-line of faith voters. Perhaps no one is impacting elections like Vote Common Good under Doug’s leadership. As a long-time pastor, social activist, and author, Doug is putting his history and his hopes to work for us all.

Steven Harris brings his Capitol Hill experience building coalitions to the intersection of religion, justice, and human dignity as the Senior Director of Academic Programs at the Center on Faith and Justice at Georgetown University.

Emily Musolino is a shredder, and that has noting to do with cutting documents into tiny pieces. Emily is a guitar shredder – and a really good songwriter, and a really good singer, and a really good bandleader, and a really big Wild Goose favorite.

Matthew Paul Turner, best-selling author, reminds us (and OUR children), I’m strong and I’m brave; I’m a one-kid parade; I’m gonna be who I am ‘cause I’m wonderfully made. Get to know Matthew Paul Turner at Wild Goose – do yourself a favor, read his books to your children – and to yourself, also.

Randi Driscoll, as a singer/songwriter and actor, has shared the stage with a Who’s Who of artists and performers and her music is featured in film, television, and a commercial. She has performed around the world, including at the Lincoln Center and the Ford Theater, and “What Matters” was named one the top Pride Anthems by Advocate Magazine.

And don’t forget! FIVE all-day Pre-Festival events on Thursday July 14

Justice Camp – Led by Jim Wallis along with Steven Harris

Wisdom Camp – With Rainier Wylde, Kristi Born, Aline Defiglia, Heiwi no Bushi, Jennifer Helminski, Micky ScottBey Jones, Viony Medlin, and Mike Morrell

Reconstruction Theology – With Pete Enns and Jared Byas

New Writers Workshop Led by Brian Allain

Lead NOW! – With Joy Wallis and Wayne Meisel

SkyBlew, Bobby Jo, Rabbi Brian, World in Lights, Ashes and Arrows

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The Wild Goose Festival Lineup Continues!

SkyBlew says “I don’t rap, I paint the sky . . . blew” – and experiencing him on stage says it’s true. From a background that included homelessness, his lyrical ability began to surface during poetry class and freestyle lunchtime sessions, and it’s propelled him to major stage experiences. An interesting note – some say he’s more popular in South Korea than in the US.

Bobby Jo Valentine shares his earthbound yet mystical songs through a storyteller’s voice. Emerging painfully from his northern California conservative roots, he has become a fan-favorite, award-winning songwriter.

Rabbi Brian, with wicked honesty, brings a different way of thinking about religion through the popular, Religion Outside the Box to Wild Goose.

World in Lights, known also in Wild Goose terms as Joel Herbert and Dani Roca, is a powerful pair – a couple, actually – bringing spiritual yearning, relational drama, and audacious hope to their engaging music.

Ashes & Arrows, with strong vocals, thoughtful lyrics, and on-stage charisma, brings an authentically original and genuinely unique shape to their Wild Goose experience.

And don’t forget! FIVE all-day Pre-Festival events on Thursday July 14

Justice Camp – Led by Jim Wallis along with Steven Harris

Wisdom Camp – With Rainier Wylde, Kristi Born, Aline Defiglia, Heiwi no Bushi, Jennifer Helminski, Micky ScottBey Jones, Viony Medlin, and Mike Morrell

Reconstruction Theology – With Pete Enns and Jared Byas

New Writers Workshop Led by Brian Allain

Lead NOW! – With Joy Wallis and Wayne Meisel

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