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AJ Levine, Jim Wallis, Flamy Grant, Jacqui Lewis

By March 28, 20242024 Festival

Who’s at Wild Goose Festival This Year?

The first in a series of many!

AJ Levine, a distinguished professor known for her extensive work in New Testament and Jewish Studies, including notable books like “The Misunderstood Jew” and “Short Stories by Jesus,” is a prominent figure in Jewish-Christian relations. She will be sharing her insights with us, furthering her commitment to interfaith dialogue and understanding.

Jim Wallis, a Wild Goose veteran and an influential American theologian, writer, and advocate for peace and social justice, is the founder of Sojourners magazine and a prominent figure in the Christian left, currently holding the position of inaugural Archbishop Desmond Tutu Chair in Faith and Justice at Georgetown University. He will be bringing his insights on faith and justice to Wild Goose, contributing to the event’s dialogue on spirituality and activism.

Flamy Grant, a trailblazing drag queen and musician from Western North Carolina, whose debut record “Bible Belt Baby” topped the iTunes Christian Charts, uses her music and storytelling to highlight the queer spiritual journey and themes of resilience and recovery from religious trauma. Flamy will be showcasing her talents and sharing her empowering message with us this summer!

Rev. Jacqui Lewis, Ph.D., a dynamic author, activist, and preacher known for her leadership at New York’s Middle Church and advocacy for a just, inclusive society, will join us again this year, bringing her passion for antiracism, social justice, and love. Through her extensive work in urban ministry, public theology, and national media, Lewis has become a powerful voice for racial equality, economic justice, and LGBTQ+ rights, aiming to inspire and educate festival-goers on creating inclusive communities.

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