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Worship Music Workshop

Convergence Music Project—A New Genre of Worship Music!

Thursday July 11, 2024

9 am – 5 pm

cost: $59.00


Sing The World You Want To See

This pre-festival workshop is for people who are searching to find and/or create new music for local church worship that has the same overall radically inclusive “flavor and tone” as the Wild Goose Festival itself.  It’s one thing to come and enjoy music and speakers and art that is inclusive, expansive, progressive, justice seeking, and earth-honoring.  But what about the songs we sing in our local churches?  The Convergence Music Project (CMP) came into being in 2016 to address this need for new music with the same kind of theology, language, and world-changing focus that folks who attend the Goose long for in their worshipping communities.  As author and Church historian Phyllis Tickle once put it, “Nothing carries the message of spiritual transformation and social change more powerfully than the music we sing.”     

During this workshop we will explore the kinds of songs and messages we need to be singing in our churches these days.  Songs that reflect the best of how we understand the essence of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ and Spiritual Truth at this moment in history.  We’ll hear music from some of the best-selling artists on the CMP website, explore the role and power of music in worship, get into some best practices around bringing new music into congregations, how to help communities sing with passion and joy, discuss the art and craft of songwriting, and actually write a song together. 


Bryan Sirchio

Bryan Sirchio is a singer/songwriter, author, and full-time pastor of McFarland United Church of Christ in McFarland, WI.  Bryan has been an itinerant musical minister, retreat leader, and keynote speaker at many regional and National youth events and conferences for over 30 years.  His book, The 6 Marks of Progressive Christian Worship Music gave shape to the vision that eventually became The Convergence Music Project, and Bryan is the Lead Designer  of CMP.  His music is also featured on the CMP site, and Bryan is the first line of tech support for the CMP website. 

Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren is known throughout the world as one of the founders of the “Emerging Church movement.”  His numerous books have played a crucial role in helping countless Christians (especially those who were raised in conservative Protestant Evangelical traditions) to move through stages of spiritual growth and exploration as they evolve into a more progressive understanding of their faith.  Brian is also a gifted songwriter and musician, and several of his songs are on the CMP website.   Brian has been at the core of CMP since it began, and he will have much to offer as we explore the role of music in the process of spiritual formation, social transformation, and the themes of the songs the Church needs to be singing at this point in history.

Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson is the Director of Worship Music and the Choir at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, IL, the largest UCC Church in the country.  Bryan Johnson is a fantastic pianist and he will share music and reflections about  “how they do worship music at Trinity.”  The music of this congregation has been a key aspect of this incredible church’s growth and vitality for many years. 

Christopher Grundy

Christopher Grundy is both a professor of Worship and Preaching at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO, AND one of the best selling artists on the CMP website.  Two of his songs–“I Will Sing of Your Love, Love, Love” and “Leaning In,” are consistently among the best sellers on the site.  Dr. Grundy has an amazing gift for writing songs that are immediately accessible and singable while at the same time being layered with meaning and theological substance.  

Andra Moran

Andra Moran is a well known Christian singer/songwriter, author, and worship leader.  She is also the musical director of a contemporary worship service at Woodmont Christian Church’s “Bridge Worship Service” in Nashville, TN.  Andra’s music is consistently one of the best sellers on the CMP website.  She is also co-author (along with Suzanne Castle), of Brim: Creative Overflow in Worship Design

Check In for pre-festival events will be available on Wednesday from 1 pm to 5 pm, and Thursday from 7am to 9 am.
If you’re tent camping, there’s no additional campsite charge for Wednesday night.
Some campsite locations are restricted due to large venue tent construction in several areas.
RV campers will need to purchase an additional night.

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