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There are two types of volunteers: Festival, and Year-Round.  This application is for year-round only.

It takes hundreds of volunteers to pull off a festival, but it also requires a few year-round volunteers to keep things running from one year to the next. If you’re interested in contributing your time throughout the year, please be sure to complete the two “Year-Round” fields below.

Without volunteers there would be no Wild Goose Festival. 

The Wild Goose vision is nothing short of facilitating a better world – creating community where together we inspire and co-create the foundation for change. What you bring – what we ALL bring – makes Wild Goose Festival unique and surprising and unlike other festivals. Wild Goose is community, collaboration, and co-creation. It’s a place where people make things, wonder and ponder and discuss; where we cross boundaries, fire up imaginations, and undo expectations.

As a volunteer, you get a few perks. But we hope you’re volunteering because you’re part of the community and you want to contribute to it. It’s like a big potluck supper. You come and you bring your best dish and everybody benefits!

Please complete the application below for year-round volunteer help. Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed and we’ll contact you for more details as needs arise throughout the year where we may be able to use your skill sets.

To be considered as a Wild Goose YEAR-ROUND ADMIN volunteer, you must read and agree to the Volunteer Covenant Agreement.

IMPORTANT: After you submit your application, you’ll receive an immediate email confirmation. Check for an email from and add that email address to your contacts to ensure that you’ll continue to receive communications from us.

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