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Virtual Cinema

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Virtual Reality has frequently been labeled as “the ultimate empathy machine”. The Wild Goose Virtual Cinema provides an opportunity to virtually experience stories in immersive environments that take us out of our comfort zone and into worlds that show us another way of looking at things. Sign up for a spot and take a deep dive into some extraordinary experiences:
– Meeting a Monster (recovering from life in a hate group)
– The Atomic Tree (a bonsai that survived the atomic blast in Hiroshima)
– The Journey (three children in challenging global environments) – Lionhearted (A young refugee living in Athens)
– Thin Places: Iceland (a poetic exploration of thin places in nature and churches)

Virtual Cinema is located on Main Street near the front gate across from Wild Goose Media/

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The Forum – formerly known as “Greater Things,” “Open,” or simply “Doug’s Tent” sits just south of the Village and runs rom 10am to 7pm on Friday and Saturday.

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