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Volunteer Team Leader FAQs

Who are Volunteer Team Leaders? We are looking for people who are:

• Committed to the Wild Goose Invitation and the Volunteer Values

• Invested in the Wild Goose community and want to give back

• Interested in developing or using special areas of skills and experience

• Inspired by being a part of individual stories and a bigger story

• Flexible and Resilient, because, well, the Wild Goose is wild and unpredictable!

What Do Team Leaders Do?

Volunteer Team Leaders are eager to be a part of the festival community and give generously of their time and energy. This commitment begins as early as March, increases closer to the festival, and is virtually full-time during the festival days. They are all about making the festival happen while building relationships and making the volunteer experience meaningful for others. They may not attend many programs, but they become a part of the stories and the Wild Goose movement.

Specifically they learn about, oversee, and take responsibility for a specific area of operations and manage the other volunteers assigned to that area. Team Leaders report directly to a staff or program coordinator on site. Team Leaders are able to jump into instructions, take initiative where needed, and are flexible. Ultimately it’s vital that team leaders remain patient, kind, and hospitable to all volunteers and festival attendees—they can set the tone in their area that reverberates throughout the entire site and weekend.

What does the commitment involve?


  • Participate in online/phone training with Volunteer Coordinator

  • Utilize EventHost to manage volunteer team members and their schedules

  • Connect and communicate with other team leaders, individual volunteers, and entire team

  • Verify individual volunteer commitments and schedules

  • Facilitate virtual training of team members

  • Communicate with the staff or coordinator overseeing the team

  Week of Festival

  • Arrive to festival early for general team leader orientation and meet with the staff or coordinator overseeing the specific team

  • Provide team members with on-site orientation

  • Creatively shape team identity and team spirit

  • Set up materials and areas of operation

  • Wednesday night festival dedication

  During Festival

  • Take good care of self and others

  • Set and maintain a positive, enthusiastic, safe environment for volunteers and all festival attendees

  • Coordinate with staff, directors, and program coordinators

  • Attend a daily check-in with Volunteer Community Coordinator to give and receive updates

  • Maintain documentation of volunteer attendance

  • Take notes on things that do work well, things that don’t work well, and new ideas.

  After Festival

  • Enjoy a job well done!

  • Sunday celebration gathering

  • Provide your feedback directly to the staff or through survey opportunities.

 What do team leaders receive?

  • Full Festival Pass which includes one tent camping space

  • Parking Pass

  • Team Leader t-shirt

  • Experience and Personal References

  • Deeper connection in the community

  • Satisfaction knowing that this festival could not happen without your investment.

  • Other supports and incentives are being finalized and will be updated.

Wish we could provide monetary compensation for everyone, but we have to get creative.

How are Team Leaders selected?

Complete the Volunteer Team Leader Application Form.

All applications will be reviewed based on previous experience with the festival (or elsewhere) and references may be contacted. Individuals who qualify but are not selected this year may be considered for shift leader roles within certain teams and considered for future events. We love consistency of repeat leaders, and we also recognize that it’s good to have a pool of people so that individuals can rotate off to enjoy the festival in a different way.


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