With guest artist Jennifer Edge

To say we are lucky to have Jennifer as a part of the Wild Goose is a gross understatement. Based on Chattanooga, TN, Jennifer is the co-owner of Main Line Ink, a community-focused, yet highly talented group of creatives on the Southside of the Scenic City.

Many people seek out Jennifer for her graphic, illustrative, and colorful motifs. From vector splattered, flashy, text-filled graffiti compositions to soft, muted, flowing, feminine designs, Jennifer tries to adapt her approach to the vision her client is seeing, and the story they want to tell. She wants to create designs that when someone sees, they want to explore further and know the story behind it. She feels that her style is that the tattoo is about you, and how she can best capture that. Jennifer’s clients adore being around her and come back time and again not only for her unique, colorful designs, but her quirky, humorous personality, and her passion for people and the art she creates.

The structure of the festival and the regulations surrounding tattooing in North Carolina will create an environment in Jennifer’s WILD GOOSE TATTOO CABIN that is different than what many of you might be used to. Understanding this, please read below VERY carefully.


Jennifer will be working to accommodate festival attendees in two ways.


• Are you looking to have something specific tattooed? Do you have an idea for something that you simply haven’t been able to make time for? This is the perfect opportunity for you to get the tattoo you’ve always wanted.
Contact Jennifer immediately. Discuss what you are interested in, what location on your body you are desiring and what your availability at the festival looks like.
• Jennifer will work with you by either phone or email to complete your design and schedule a time for tattooing at the festival.


• Walk-ins will have a sheet of several icons, designs they can pick from including, but not limited to anchors, cross, dove, and, of course, the Wild Goose.
• Artist will gladly alter color and placement of any pre-drawn icon
• Artist will NOT be able to accommodate any special requests or updates for walk-in clients. Due to the nature of the space, as well as equipment needs, if you are desiring something specific (including text, a specific icon, something that looks like a picture you have, etc), you MUST contact Jennifer prior to July 4 to schedule a time.



Don’t worry! Jennifer will be bringing with her the best aftercare possible. If you haven’t already, check out the benefits of Saniderm – the ultimate flexible, breathable clear bandage for a festival like the Goose.





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