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Wild Goose Art

Frank Schaeffer To Bring Newest Paintings To Wild Goose

By Guest Post

Frank Schaeffer PaintingTo my Wild Goose Family:

Hi all. Here’s my Spring/Summer Wild Goose art show of NEW paintings. I’ll have some of these with me at Wild Goose 2015!

The theme is transcendent resurrection of the spirit. This revival of hope is open to all—atheist, believer and agnostic. I believe in beauty as the intrinsic truth. Here is my small new contribution to that truth.

My muses are my grandchildren, Amanda, Ben, Lucy, Jack and Nora. (By the way, Amanda will be with me at WG this year!) They are the lens through which death loses its sting for me. Painting is my expression of the peace I feel when I’m immersed in the lives I love best.

Detail from Daffodils, Tulips & Narcissus in a Storm

Detail from Daffodils, Tulips & Narcissus in a Storm

Thank you for taking the time to share these moments with me by looking at my work. I walk from my studio into the garden, pick a flower that was planted by my grandchildren (usually as a bulb the year before) and paint it. Really these are “portraits” of the moments of joy and grace I experience with the gifts of the children near and dear to me.

See you at WG!

Frank Schaeffer


(See more of Frank’s work here.)


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