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Shannon Dingle

Shannon Dingle is a freelance speaker and writer who talks about all the topics we’re taught to avoid in public settings, from politics and privilege to trauma and pain She’s written for The Washington Post and Teen Vogue, and is Managing Editor of SKEW, a monthly publication of Level Ground. Her passion is to educate faith and secular groups to be live-affirming, inclusive of disability and other marginalized identities, and trauma-informed. She draws from her life as a survivor with PTSD and her experiences as a disabled woman, with a professional background and master’s degree in disability education, now raising kids living with disability and trauma histories. Her work and story have been featured by the Today show online, The Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, Slate, Sojourners, and The Daily Kos. She, her husband, and their six children live in Raleigh, NC where they’ve found a home in the faith community SouthEast Raleigh Table. You can find her @shannondingle or at

119 #MeToo Panel Discussion

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