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Art as Protest

Saturday, 1:00pm | Studio

Artists are Prophets who bleed in front of the masses to remind us of our common humanity. Art is protest (political, social, or religious) because it tells an alternative story. It gives meaning to suffering. Art is uniquely suited to protest because you can’t argue with a painting. You can’t erase a song from people’s minds.
Come for the performance of an original work of art by Katie Jo Suddaby. Come also for an inspiring discussion on personal creative power and sustainable art-making during trying times.

Katie Jo Suddaby

Rev. Katie Jo Suddaby is a freelance pastor, ordained with the American Baptist Churches USA. Short, spunky, and straight forward; she is a sought after speaker and artist. The art-form that captured her heart is Tibetan Sand Painting. Katie Jo is one of the few Westerners who practice this ancient, delicate art. Since 2012, she has designed and performed over 30 original mandalas for festivals and retreats across the country. Each mandala is unique and can take a few hours or a few months to complete. She has received training from Tibetan Buddhist monks in the US and Nepal. Katie Jo loves to fuse Buddhist art and Christian texts to teach self-care, art as a spiritual expression, and the value of religious diversity. When not roaming around providing pastoral services, she can be found watching Star Trek, walking her dog (Bernie Sanders), and singing show tunes.

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