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Contemplative Franciscan Journey: What God is Communicating in the Christ Event and the Ongoing Work of the Spirit Today

Friday, 3:00pm | Library

Join us to encourage each other in the profound way that mystic and activist St. Francis of Assisi put the countercultural Gospel into practice so joyfully and fully.

Through reflection, guided meditation, group conversation, and prayer, we’ll journey with the spiritual wisdom of a living Franciscan tradition – exploring insights from founders Francis, Clare, Bonaventure, Duns Scotus, and Angela of Foligno alongside 21st Century Franciscans Richard Rohr, Ilia Delio, and Margaret Carney.

Often, we forget how revolutionary Franciscanism has been and continues to be! Its concerned witness and action in the world is reinforced by the deep sense that — at the most essential level — no single person, place, or thing exists in the universe except in relation to everything else.

So join us to deepen your experience of Franciscan consciousness as a spiritual path of transformation. And, how the witness of Francis and Clare invites us into a new humanity and new creation…

“For God so loved the cosmos…”

Mark Gregory D’Alessio

Br. Mark Gregory D’Alessio is a Franciscan friar in the ecumenical society of the Companions of Francis and Clare. He’s also a spiritual director, chaplain, retreat leader, author, and past President and Executive Director of the Psychotherapy & Spirituality Institute, drawing together the inspiration of the church with the wisdom of psychological care. Br. Mark now lives on Long Island and serves as a crisis counselor at an emergency shelter with outreach services for men and women who are homeless; and, as a chaplain at an school and orphanage for children with developmental and mental health disabilities. A long-time seeker and practitioner of spiritual wisdom, he’s initiated into multiple spiritual lineages, both East and West; looks to the evolving universe story, Thích Nhat Hanh, and Francis and Clare of Assisi as sources of inspiration and hope; and, does his best to affirm the Christian Wisdom tradition within a wider inter-spiritual framework.

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