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Native Language: Speaking Poetry Together

Friday, 11:00am | Portal

We gather in community in many ways, around a table, around an idea, or word. Lament, welcome, identity, revolution, and evolve, are words found in sacred and historical texts, and in our own stories. We will explore each of these words in old and new texts and as we have experienced them in our own lives. In doing so, we will weave together an unfinished tapestry of poetry that will become installation pieces on the campground. Our collaborative poetry will then invite the rest of the community to explore and share. The power of the Wild Goose community lies in our ability to connect with and for each other. The synergy of our common vernacular multiplies in our shared stories in this workshop and discussion session. No previous poetry or other writing experience required. Sharing will be an invitation, not a demand.

Amy Vaughan

North Carolina poet Amy Vaughan re-discovered her muse in September of 2014 and wrote a poem a day for over a year. Since then, she continues to write poetry and prose frequently and recently wrote 40 Days of Lament And Grief, a collection of poetry shared during the season of Lent. Her poetry finds its way into artwork at galleries in Charlotte, into her sermons, shared in yoga classes and retreats across North Carolina, and as seed material in her poetry workshops and public readings. An ordained minister in the United Methodist Church, Rev. Vaughan has worked for the last five years with UMAR, an agency that supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. While teaching high school English, she won two National for the Endowment for the Humanities summer residencies, first at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and second at the Breadloaf School of English in Middlebury, Vermont.

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