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Stories to Get Us Through
Daniel V. Goodwin

Who here’s committed to the fight for liberation and justice ? Why? Let’s talk about that. In “Stories to Get Us Through,” bring the stories that connected you to the work of justice and resistance, and especially the ones that keep you in it. As we take time to share these stories, we’ll cover the basic community organizing tool of the one-on-one meeting as a means for mining these stories in others. Here we’ll see how specific stories can build and sustain movements, and we’ll unite our own stories to sketch out a vision for the world as it should be.
David V. Goodwin

David V. Goodwin

David V. Goodwin is a recent MDV graduate of McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL. During seminary he has organized for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Fight for 15, the People’s Lobby, and Seminarians for Justice. He is also a storyteller and creative writer, which he uses in his ministry to, among other things, retell biblical stories as anecdotes and folktales. At Wild Goose, he hopes to bridge these two passions, encouraging the storyteller in everyone as a powerful resource for building the world-as-it-should-be. You can find David on Twitter @theoforyourself and at

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