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Faith in Action: Spiritual Activism for Justice in Palestine-Israel

Saturday, 9:00am | Landing

This year marks half a century of Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people. This discussion will focus on faith-based activism for justice in Palestine, exploring relationships between religion and resistance, spirituality and activism. How do our faiths draw us in to organizing around Palestine-Israel? What stories are we telling ourselves about God, and how do they inform our struggles for justice and equity? In dialogue with one another, we will reflect on spiritual activism and a just peace in Palestine-Israel, drawing especially on liberation theologies, and the work of Naim Ateek, Gloria Anzaldua, Farid Esack, and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Alexa Klein-Mayer

Alexa Klein-Mayer recently graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in religious studies. After joining Students for Justice in Palestine her freshman year, she went on to serve in a number of roles, and worked on the NUDivest campaign, which successfully passed a divestment resolution through student government. Since August, she’s been organizing in DC with Friends of Sabeel North America and Sanctuary DMV. She will be attending Harvard Divinity School in the fall, focusing her studies on Buddhist chaplaincy, liberation theologies, and queer theory.

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