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Re-Segregation: Educational Injustice in a Post Affirmative Action America

Friday, 9:00am | Portal

This session will ask participants to think together about the road blocks to educational achievement that exist for the urban and rural poor, persons of color, immigrants and other marginalized groups in the US. We will look honestly at the landscape of K-12 and post-secondary education and ask ourselves what role we as individuals and collectively as communities of faith may have played in shaping this landscape to the detriment of those who could most benefit from greater access to quality education at all levels. As a group we will brainstorm ideas about next steps to address these issues in our local communities co-creating potential solutions utilizing George Lackey and Bill Moyer’s “Four Roles Relating to Change.”

Joseph Caldwell

Dr. Joe Caldwell currently serves as the President of the Memphis Center for Urban and Theological Studies a fully accredited college level program devoted to making higher education available to some of Memphis, Tennessee’s lowest income neighborhoods. Additionally Joe has served in teaching and administrative roles at Gardner Webb University and Golden Gate Baptist Seminary. Deeply committed to social and educational justice Dr. Caldwell is currently chairing the “Memphis Teach-in on the Church and Civil Rights” which is part of the National Civil Rights Museum’s one year commemoration of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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