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Christian Peaceable Arts

Friday 10:00am | Library

When Jesus appeared after his resurrection, he said: “Peace be with you.” “Be not afraid.” and “Love one another as I have loved you.” How do we embody and actively live these mandates and assurances?
Principles from scripture, Tai Chi, and contemplative practice help us to manifest these while engaged in conflict and in settings where healing is needed. This workshop introduces a number of interactive and meditative practices for actually loving our enemies, being unafraid, giving blessing, and building peace, using body mind metaphors and practices. In our current polarized world, maintaining a calm center and loving orientation is so important to our own and to other’s well being. Heal our wounds and divisions with whole body participation, not just ideas!
I would also offer an early morning Tai Chi and Qigong session if desired.,

David Harold

David Harold M.Div. LCSW

David Harold is a long time psychotherapist, social activist, and practitioner of cross cultural healing and meditative traditions, while remaining grounded in his Christian faith.  With over 40 years practice in Tai Chi and Qigong he is working to integrate principles from these practices with western psychological and Christian contemplative ways to embody personal and social peace.

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