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Laugha Yoga: Intentional Laughing
Kristie Miles

Saturday, 3:00pm | Bridge

Laughter has many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits, including: releases endorphins which improves mood; boosts immunity; lowers blood pressure; relaxes and unwinds the muscles; nurtures hope and optimism; improves self-confidence; improves alertness; improves social cohesion and strengthens relationships; reduces pain and allows us to tolerate discomfort; shuts down the stress hormones released in stressful situations.
Laugha Yoga is a program of intentional laughing to achieve these many benefits. No yoga poses are performed; participants just need to bring a desire to have fun. I will lead a group in the Laugha Yoga practice and end with a relaxing meditation.
Kristie Miles

Kristie Miles

Kristie Miles is an Ordained Presbyterian (PCUSA) minister and the Director of Pastoral Care at Westminster Canterbury of Lynchburg Retirement Community in Virginia. She is a Certified Thanatologist and tries to balance that by practicing Laugha Yoga. Her favorite ancient Greek word is “Spoudogeloios” which is formed from two words: “spoudos,” which means “serious” or “earnest,” and “gelein,” which means “to laugh.” In other words, “spoudogeloios” is “serious-playful” or “solemn-joyful.” Hot Springs is her favorite place in the United States!

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