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Soul Repair: Moral Injury and its Theological implications

Friday, 12:00pm | Living Room

The term Moral Injury has been evolving since the Vietnam War era to describe the intense trauma of battle that leaves some soldiers wounded beyond PTSD. VOA, in collaboration with the Soul Repair Center at Brite Divinity, has been working to better assess this issue as it relates to returning combatants and in other aspects of our society. It brings individuals to the despair of a spirit broken and separated from purpose and meaning. In the military we can trace its effects in an alarming rate of suicide. Christian theology has not been equipped to adequately address this situation in which Church and even God seem meaningless and impotent.
In this session we will dialogue about what we know of moral injury and of new theological approaches to the issue. The hope is that participants will leave with an awareness of moral injury and its consequences and of the Church’s need to adopt a new theological perspective on pain, suffering, and trauma.

Harry Quiett
Harry Quiett Leads the Ministry of Service of Volunteers of America, the 15th largest non profit in the US and the largest non profit provider of affordable housing in the US. Harry is a graduate of Duke Divinity school and has served as a local pastor of United Methodist churches in North Carolina and of All Souls Church Unitarian in Washington DC. He also served as the first Executive Director of a cultural, racial diversity commission for the Hampton Rhodes area of Virginia, and as the Director of Employee Relations and Volunteer Services for the Whitman Walker Clinic. He lives in Washington, DC but is a Hillbilly at heart from Asheville, NC.

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