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God is Not an Asshole (and Other Things I Wish My Church Had Told Me)

Saturday, 5:00pm | Landing

An honest life of faith is a life of questions. But too often, our churches do not create space where we can say out loud the things we all tend to secretly wonder: is there a god? is god good? does it care about me? Is this religion all bullshit? Too often, we wrestle with those questions alone — wondering all the while if we’re the only ones. In this session, I want to create space to doubt out loud. I’m going to share my story of disillusionment with the god I experienced growing up in church, and tell you about how I followed those questions to somewhat-heretical conclusions in search of a Christianity that is Beautiful, a Gospel that is Good News, and a God who is Love.

Micah Murray

Micah is your typical somewhat disillusioned-but-tenaciously-hopeful post-evangelical millennial. He grew up in a weird home school cult, did a brief stint as a missionary in Africa, went to Christian college, got married, had two kids, got divorced, and now goes to therapy a lot and writes angsty stuff on the internet. People tell him all the time that he shouldn’t be a Christian anymore after all the shit he’s experienced in the name of that religion, but by some combination of stubbornness, laziness, and the grace of God, he still claims that faith (most days). Micah lives in Minneapolis with his two wild boys, where he makes websites for artists and authors and entrepreneurs and waits (impatiently) for spring. 

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