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Poetry Goodness and the Spoken Word – Using Words to Inspire, Create and Heal

Poets Victoria Lin and Michael Toy will explore the ways we are all capable of crafting our words to foster understanding, growth, and healing in ourselves and in our communities.

Victoria Lin Peterson-Hilleque

Victoria Lin is a poet and writer-in-residence in the Solomon’s Porch Community where she is also the Communications Coordinator. She loves to cajole others to share the deepest longings of their heart at microphones. Her spoken word poetry has been featured in places such as She Is Called 2017, OPEN Faith 2016, Christianity 21, The Calof Series, and various slams and churches. Her literary poetry has appeared in journals such as Poetry Quarterly and Paper Nautilus. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her family. You may find her on Twitter: Victoria’s Verses @victorialinph.

Michael Toy

Michael Toy is a normal human. He certainly doesn’t have a fourth bone in his ear allowing him to hear in the ultra-zotosonic band, because that would be weird. He sometimes writes poems, but never ever poems about how grey the sky is and how that reminds of the color of his lover’s eyes, because that would be boring.

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