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Stories from the Episcopal Service Corps

Saturday, 1:00pm | Episcopal

The Episcopal Service Corps is a national network of yearlong service programs dedicated to forming young adult leaders. ESC invites men and women in their 20s and from diverse backgrounds to work for justice, live in Christian community, grow in leadership, and deepen their faith life in communities all across the United States.

Yale. All those interested in learning more about the ministry of the Episcopal Service are inviting to join a panel of ESC program coordinators as they recount their experiences in this program. Leading the conversation will be Becky Waldrup, Program Director of the Abraham Project, an intentional living community in Winston-Salem.

Becky Waldrup Johnston

Becky Waldrup Johnston is the Program Director of The Abraham Project in Winston-Salem, NC, an intentional Christian community for young adults. A former Baptist Minister, Becky served as a lay leader for fourteen years in the Presbyterian church, but now calls the Episcopal Church home. She attends St. Timothy’s in Winston-Salem with her husband, Dan, 2 girls, and 2 dogs, including a really cute, really hyper Golden retriever puppy.

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