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Turning Dashed Dreams into Hope: How Infertility, Child Loss and Failed Adoptions Led to an Orphan Care Movement.

Friday, 12:00pm | River

I longed for one child. And as it didn’t happen after 8 failed IVF and 2 failed adoptions, my life felt lost in lament. But, grace’s surprising dance opened my eyes open to God’s bigger dreams. I realized I’d become the mother to hundreds as I started the foundation: Our Courageous Kids. Join me in exploration of how our lives might not go the way we expect but beauty can come from the ashes!

Elizabeth HaganĀ 

Elizabeth Hagan is the Executive Director of Our Courageous Kids, a foundation dedicated to orphan care education, a free-range pastor in the Washington DC area, and the author of a spiritual memoir, Birthed: Finding Grace Through Infertility. She’s now an adoptive mom and the family travel agent as together with her husband, Kevin they’re always planning their next trip. &

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