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Life After Faith: A facilitated conversation for those of us who no longer believe
Emily Wimbish

Saturday, 4:00 pm | Lecture Hall

Have you ever been told that it’s ok to doubt as long as you come back to the right answer? Did a little voice in the back of your head retort “that’s some bullshit!”?
In the journey for truth, some of us find that the old answers stop working for us. The journey that leads some of us away from the beliefs we once held can be incredibly isolating and painful. Emily Wimbish knows this journey well, and that talking with others that “get” that journey heals like nothing else can.
This conversation is open to all who wish to attend with open hearts, but is particularly crafted for those on a path not limited to Christianity’s answers.
Emily Wimbish

Emily Wimbish  

Emily is an artist, performer, out-of-the-box thinker, activist, landscaper, dress-up enthusiast, and all-around-weirdo based out of central North Carolina. She has been attending this gathering since it first hatched and thinks it is very special.
Her favourite color is “sparkly”, you might find some of her art around the festival, and it has been almost two years since she has had alcohol.

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