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Transgender 201: Beyond the Binary

Friday, 4:00pm | Library

In this interactive presentation, we will focus on how participants can better communicate love, support, and welcome to people across the gender spectrum. Participants will be equipped with expansive understandings and terms used within some trans(gender) communities, all with the hope of strengthening one’s ability of being not just an ally but an advocate. Come explore and discover some nuanced ways of radically shifting culture in some of the simplest and most meaningful ways. Let’s (re)commit to leaving the binary in our computers where it belongs!

Phiwa Langeni

The Rev. Phiwa Langeni is a trans-masculine genderqueer person who’s passionate about helping people understand that different doesn’t have to be dangerous. They are particularly effective in working with those whose identities align with the mainstream by helping people reframe society’s tendencies to lean into fear as the default. Especially in the last three years, their time spent in St. Louis, MO has shaped how they embody the intersections of their identities. It also continues to transform how they invite others into the liminal spaces between what has been and what is yet to be. Phiwa is an ordained United Church of Christ minister and is currently starting a new multi-faith community in Lansing, MI.

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