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12 Steps Eucharist

Saturday, 5:00pm | Bridge

At the Goose we want to support all communities and be welcoming and inclusive of all life paths. Part of this is offering space for our beloved recovery community to gather throughout the festival – mirroring, at least in some way, the rhythm of daily recovery out in the world. There are a.m. and p.m. open recovery meetings available on Friday and Saturday.

Tommy Dillon

The Rev. Tommy Dillon is Priest-in-Charge of St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church in Baton Rouge, LA. In Tommy’s world, there is no such thing as the “outcast and the stranger.” His work with newly-released prisoners, with people suffering mental illness and homelessness, and with Hurricane Katrina survivors gave him a fearless compassion for human need in Louisiana before moving to the West Coast in 2006. While serving as priest in San Francisco and the Seattle Area, LGBT, parish food bank, and elder ministries flourished; Diocesan, parish, and neighborhood Disaster Preparedness groups formed; and connections in El Salvador were created through the Anglican Church of El Salvador and Foundation Cristosal.

Tommy serves on the Boards of the Wild Goose Festival and the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church and is a frequent retreat leader, pilgrimage planner, and an instructor of liturgy.
Collaborating to create beautiful liturgy feeds his soul. Good food, good friends, and road trips with his Whippet pal Josh reveal the Holy in the everyday world.

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